News – AU – Oklahoma soccer player nearly loses an eye after a bar fight


Posted: 03:38 GMT, 23 February 2021 | Updated: 03:39 GMT, Jan. February 2021

An Oklahoma Sooners soccer player nearly lost his eye after quarreling in a bar with a man who had trained as an MMA fighter for years

A video posted on social media Friday night shows Spencer Jones appearing to start a confrontation with another man in the bathroom at Logies on the Corner, a bar near the Sooners’ football stadium >

Most of what is said before the fight is indecipherable. OU Daily reports that the fight took place on either late Nov. February or early 14th February took place

Spencer Jones (left) was on the receiving end of a loss at an Oklahoma bar

Jones then seems to nudge the man he’s faced with, who takes a breath before suddenly whining about the soccer player

The person recording the video seems to be continuously commenting and calling the fight “funny” while the man in the cowboy boots guillotine Jones

“Type it out, mother,” he says at one point. Meanwhile, a simultaneous fight breaks out next to the two men

Brown used his MMA background to get Jones into a guillotine position on the bathroom floor

“Your mother-killer isn’t messing around,” says the narrator after the other fight resulted in someone being hit on the wall

Braden Brown identified himself and his brother as fighters on Twitter after the video was circulated

‘Just to get rid of the misunderstandings, I’m the guy in the hat and this is my brother. We’re not wrestlers at a university, we’ve been wrestling since we were in diapers and MMA / cage fighting since we were 12. Unfortunately, they gave us up no options We have shown reluctance, ”said Brown

After the fight, Jones – whose attorney said Jones was “trying to be a peacekeeper” – went to the sports coaches on his soccer program for help

After the swelling around Jones’ left eye subsided, on Jan. February performed a four-hour outpatient operation that rebuilt his eye socket

‘Dr Brooks came out of that operation and said he was extraordinarily lucky at the point that he didn’t lose the eye entirely, ”said Woody Glass, Jones’ attorney

‘And so he was able to do some surgery to rebuild that eye socket and believes everything will eventually go back to normal, but it will take a while to fully recover’

“He tried to de-escalate this situation,” Glass told OU Daily. “Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, it was not de-escalated and he became the victim of that malicious attack you saw ‘

Jones, an award-winning Oklahoma Football Program owner, had surgery to repair his left eye The fight is being investigated further and Jones has a legal counsel

Jones, a broad recipient and owner from Nashville, switched to the Oklahoma program after previously participating in the Liberty University program

He was an All-Big 12 First Team Academic Award winner last season, and he also won the Mortell Holder of the Year Award after holding all of the Place Kicks throughout the season
Sports Illustrated reports that Jones will be taking advantage of the NCAA Fall Athletes Eligibility waiver and will be returning for one more season

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News – AU – Oklahoma soccer player nearly loses an eye after a pub brawl
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