News – AU – ominous warning after jellyfish kill teen


Queensland Health has issued a stern warning asking parents to keep their children out of the water after a teenager is stung by a jellyfish

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A teenager died a week after meeting one of the world’s “deadliest” animals in the far north of Queensland

The 17-year-old Bamaga boy was born on April 22nd Stabbed by a jellyfish box while fishing along the Cape York Peninsula in February, police said

Chironex fleckeri, the Australian box jellyfish, is one of the deadliest animals in the world Image: SuppliedSource: News Regional Media

“The police are preparing a report for the coroner after the sudden death of a 17-year-old Bamaga man,” said a police spokesman

After the tragic death, the Northern Peninsula Regional Council issued a strong statement warning children out of the water

“Parents, we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your children off the water

“There are reports of children swimming at Seisia Wharf and we would like to remind the community that it is still stinger season”

Chironex fleckeri, known as box jellyfish, is one of the deadliest animals in the world, despite the fact that there is an antidote

Kylie Pitt, director of marine science at Griffith University, said that people in remote areas who have been stung by jellyfish are the most at risk of dying because of their location

“Chironex fleckeri is the deadliest of all jellyfish and one of the most poisonous animals in the world,” Professor Pitt told NCA NewsWire

“There is an antidote that has reduced the number of people who die from stings, but unfortunately, severe stings in remote locations can still be fatal

“If it is stung, the affected area should be flushed with vinegar, basic first aid provided, and an ambulance called”

The 17-year-old from Bamaga was fishing off the coast in the far north of Queensland when he was stung. He died a week later in hospital Image: Google MapsSource: NCA NewsWire

Queensland Health also warned people about the dangers of swimming in the far north of the state after the teenage boy

Dr Marlow Coates, director of the Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Services, said people should take precautions in all northern waters

“We see both jellyfish and jellyfish that cause Irukandji syndrome in our waters,” he said

Dr Coates said swimmers could avoid getting stung by wearing protective clothing like a wetsuit or lycra suit

“If you don’t have a protective suit and you know there might be spikes or jellyfish in the water, just don’t go in,” he said

If you get stung by box jellyfish, don’t use water to wash the wound as it can spread the stinging cells, Queensland Health has warned, only use vinegar and don’t rub the area Image: SuppliedSource: News Regional Media

“It is also important that people are familiar with the methods of resuscitation An early resuscitation after big bites of boxing jellies has saved lives in recent years ’’

Chironex fleckeri have been a constant threat in the warmer months on the north Queensland coast, Queensland Health said in a statement last week

A sting is instantly and excruciatingly painful and has caused more than 70 deaths in Australia

Queensland Health cautioned against using salt or water to treat the injury as it would cause the stinging cells to discharge and make the sting worse

It is recommended that you use vinegar instead and not rub the sting or try to remove tentacles

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News – AU – ominous warning after jellyfish kill teenagers