News – AU – Oz Lotto Draw 1410: The Numbers You Need to Win a $ 10 Million Jackpot


The winning numbers for Oz Lotto’s drawing are $ 10 million

The seven winning numbers for draw number 1410 are 3, 4, 10, 22, 29, 32 and 36 with the additional numbers 2 and 40

Unfortunately for the punters, the grand prize could not be awarded this week, but that means the jackpot will be increased for the next week

The biggest winners of the 1410 draw are three players who won the Division 2 prize of 223Share $ 10340-74Take home $ 367 80 each

Last Tuesday the Division 1 price was increased to $ 10 million after no lottery player in Australia had the lucky ticket

It wasn’t all bad luck though, as four people across Australia took 31 eachTake home $ 250 by splitting the price of Division 2

The last big Oz Lotto win was on Aug. February when one winner won the entire $ 30 million jackpot

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News – AU – Oz Lotto Draw 1410: The Numbers You Need to win $ 10 on the jackpot