News – AU – Perth’s Homeless Crisis: WA Election Problem Mark McGowan cannot shake off


Fremantle’s’ tent city’ has shed light on the growing numbers of rough sleepers in Western Australia – and a Labor government presiding a balloon in public housing waiting list

Just a few blocks from Parliament in Western Australia, dozens of vulnerable people were dragged onto the streets from a city hotel after the state government refused to pay for their housing Like last time, they are running out of space

These are some of the people at the center of the Perth homeless crisis, one of the few electoral issues where Mark McGowan, WA’s “Most Popular Prime Minister in History,” doesn’t control the narrative

The issue of homelessness caught the public eye on Boxing Day when up to 100 people camped in Fremantle Pioneer Park and kicked off a series of events that would end with the hotel vacated in mid-February

The camp, dubbed the “tent city,” was founded by charities just yards from Fremantle’s bustling train station and bustling cappuccino.Its eye-catching location made it a beacon for sleepers and activist groups bringing the issue into the spotlight want

The media recounted the tragic stories of the camp’s residents, including pregnant women and the elderly. Others came in mid-January when another “tent city” was set on fire under an overpass on the edge of Perth’s central business district

Like its namesake, Fremantle’s tent city was soon at the center of criminal allegations, including rape, beatings and robbery

On 23 On January 1st, the state government took control of the reserve from Fremantle Council. The camp was dismantled and its residents were taken by bus to “emergency shelters” in hotels and hostels across Perth

McGowan said the people who lived on the site are now in the hands of authorized support agencies after being lured into the tent city by “anarchists” and activists on false pretenses

“We have received reports that people have been dragged out of supported accommodation because of promises made by the organizers of the [Fremantle Tent City] that they would get people a house immediately – you can’t have that if the organizers make false promises to vulnerable people do to cause disturbance and trouble, and that’s why we stepped in, ”said McGowan

The confrontation became more bitter when the government refused to approve the 20thPaying a $ 000 hotel bill for 30 people who had moved out of the tent city, claiming the rooms had been booked by activists and should pay the costs

McGowan pledged to work with the people who were forced onto the streets, but it only added to a series of ugly incidents that proponents say poorly reflect his government’s efforts to combat homelessness

On 7 In February McGowan was forced to keep a $ 14 million promise to sleep 100 at a YHA hostel in Perth City after it was revealed that his government had not signed a lease on the property now up for sale
The prime minister blamed a stressful week of bushfires and Covid lockdowns, but admitted that no one had followed up on the plan after it was approved by the cabinet a week earlier

According to the Bureau of Statistics, there are more than 9 in Western Australia000 people homeless, 1000 live on the street

For the past 12 months, the state’s social housing waiting list is from 2000 on 14890 applicants increased

It’s a complex matter, but with a simple fact at its core: there aren’t enough houses for the people who need them

“There is not enough public housing, there is not enough affordable housing, and we have this crisis response when people are put into hotels,” said Michelle Mackenzie, general manager of Shelter WA

“It’s been a problem for many, many years, but the current government housing strategy will only add 260 new homes a year to social housing over the next 10 years, which is just ridiculous”

Housing Secretary Peter Tinley says his department has halved the time it takes to get people into homes since taking office in March 2017, and cut the waiting list from Jan.000 reduced

But WA Greens MP Alison Xamon says Tinley demolished more houses than his department built or bought, and 1Leave 100 fewer social houses

“It is assumed that after the eviction moratorium is lifted, two weeks after election day there will be a flood of people who will suddenly become homeless, and I think we will only have very many people sleeping in their cars”, says Xamon

Tinley agrees that 1However, 100 homes have been removed from the housing pool, says the government has stopped the decline and extended the “emergency period” for rental housing, allowing tenant 2May apply for $ 000 rental assistance to try to stop evictions

“The waiting list for social housing is more than just building houses We offer loan and rental assistance, among other things, to help people secure decent housing, ”says Tinley

In March 2020, as the coronavirus turned into a crisis on the Australian shores, the state began supplying hotels and hostels across the city with rough sleepers to keep them safe from possible infections

Some of the 27 residents found more permanent shelter, but more than half got back on the streets within two weeks

When the elections on Jan. As March draws nearer, McGowan has promised to invest nearly US $ 49 million in “targeted homeless packages to help vulnerable people.”

Opposition leader Zak Kirkup has pledged to provide 500 beds and US $ 57 within six months5m for interim housing for the homeless

“We have a homeless crisis,” said Kirkup. “It is unacceptable that so many Western Australians sleep poorly every night”

Xamon says Labor “dropped the ball altogether on homelessness and social and community housing”

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News – AU – Perth’s Homeless Crisis: The WA Election Problem Mark McGowan can’t shake off
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