News – AU – Police investigate brutal rape allegations against ministers


Australian Federal Police has been informed of a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison describing alleged historical rape by a federal cabinet minister government

The letter urges the Prime Minister to take urgent action to investigate the alleged rape that took place in 1988 before the accused entered politics

The letter was forwarded to AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw by Senate Labor Leader Penny Wong and Green Senator Hanson-Young, who were also recipients of the letter

The letter that a friend of the applicant’s shared with Four Corners contains a detailed explanation that the applicant prepared for her lawyer about the brutal rape she alleged.

Last year NSW police set up a strike unit to investigate historical allegations against the cabinet minister after the woman came forward

Sydney in February 2020 to detectives from the NSW Police Squad for child abuse and sex crimes that she had been raped by the man

The woman hired a lawyer and told many friends about the allegation, but took her own life in June last year

In a statement to Four Corners on Friday, the Green Senator Ms. Hanson-Young said: “This morning I received information about a troubling and very serious allegation of a criminal nature against a senior government official

“Following the advice the AFP Commissioner gave the Prime Minister this week, I spoke today with the Police Commissioner who is now taking steps regarding this information”

Senator Wong issued a statement to Four Corners today that she had notified NSW, SA Police and AFP and would assist with any investigation

“I also wrote to Prime Minister and Senator Hanson-Young to outline the steps I took after receiving this anonymous letter,” said Senator Wong

“I hope appropriate steps will be taken to investigate the allegation. Police in South Australia are investigating the circumstances of the woman’s death for the State Coroner

Four Corners saw the woman’s testimony and spoke to many of the applicant’s friends whom she told what she had alleged and whom they knew at the time of the alleged incident

The letter calls on the Prime Minister to open an independent parliamentary investigation into the matter, similar to the High Court’s investigation into allegations against former Judge Dyson Heydon

“When the news of the applicant’s [alleged] rape becomes generalized (as it most likely will), legitimate questions will be asked of who knew what, when they knew and what they did,” he wrote Correspondent

“In the case of [the complainant], the loss of respect for our political institutions is exacerbated by the aggravating factor of [seniority of the accused offender]

“The perception of justice in the community will be seriously damaged … and Parliament, if this story is published, if at the same time it becomes known that older people (like yourself) were aware of the allegation but did nothing …” / p>

“Failure to take parliamentary action because NSW police are unable to take criminal action [due to the death of the complainant] appears to be willful blindness”

Senator Wong, who last year was made aware of limited details of the woman’s allegation by the applicant herself, made a statement to the South Australian Police when they found that the applicant had died

The woman had also written to former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in 2019, and he too wrote to the South Australian Police with his knowledge of the allegation upon learning of her death

The South Australia police originally referred the woman to their New South Wales counterparts for alleging the incident occurred in Sydney. SA police are currently preparing a report for the state medical examiner on the circumstances of her death before, including her early release from a Melbourne mental health facility

The woman claimed the sexual assault took place in Sydney in 1988, long before the man’s political career began

“In February [2020] NSW Police Received a Report of Suspected Historical Sexual Abuse The investigation was initiated by officers from the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Team under Strike Force Wyndarra”

Detectives from Strike Force Wyndarra were scheduled to travel to Adelaide in March 2020 to receive the woman’s formal statement However, her trip was postponed after the COVID-19 outbreak broke out and state borders closed

Friends of the woman who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder years earlier say her mental health deteriorated in the weeks leading up to her death. She had previously attempted suicide

In the statement of the NSW police it says: “On Wednesday, the 24th On June 6th, 2020, the body of a 49-year-old woman was found in a house in Adelaide by the South Australia Police (SA Pol)”

The day before her death, the woman informed the NSW police that she no longer wanted to continue the investigation

“NSW police understand that reporting sexual assault can be distressing and traumatic for victims – and it is always a person’s choice whether or not to conduct an investigation,” the statement reads

The death of the woman means that a criminal investigation into the politician cannot be continued because the allegation cannot be investigated

The woman, who was a brilliant and acclaimed student at the time of the alleged incident, had prepared a lengthy statement for her attorney in late 2019

“This is my story, plain and simple. It’s not pretty, but it’s mine,” she wrote in the statement

In her statement, the woman alleged that she was anally raped by the man when she was 16 years old

“All I really want in the end is that this has been reported to the NSW police and that a copy of this document and a transcript of an interview they could do with me be in their archives …

“If this story becomes public, I hope it will encourage other women to get in touch

“Not for me, but for yourself … I also hope that other people who have suffered similar trauma will feel less alone when these facts become public”

The woman had told numerous friends who had become leaders in business, politics, law, and the arts, and the ABC spoke to many of them

“She was caught by a spike at a very specific time because of a very specific incident. That really seemed to her to be completely costly and completely debilitating,” said a friend of the ABC

“She was consumed by a trauma that she deeply and consistently told me was the result of an attack that had occurred in early 1988, and her life at that point was really devoted to researching how she was a species could get from justice, accountability and peace out of it ”

“There were many of us who were ready to support her and help her to carry this burden as much as possible. And in the end, of course, we couldn’t do everything we had hoped for,” said the friend and cried

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News – AU – Police investigate brutal rape allegations against ministers