News – AU – Political leaders must scrap rusted ideologies and embrace compassion, Albanese says


Anthony Albanese says political leaders are not “allowed to walk past those in need or suffering” while declaring the Covid-19 pandemic has gone some “dangerous fantasies” about individualism

In a speech aimed at reaching faith groups on Monday, the Labor leader will cite the parable of the Good Samaritan and say that “our care for others should be neither conditional nor transactional”

Albanese will deliver a veiled blow to the coalition, finding that the pandemic has resulted in “political parties with a more instinctive tendency towards individualism to set aside their ideology as a treat unsuitable for current reality”

Albanians will also argue the statement that “we are all together” – something Scott Morrison has said on numerous occasions – needs to be a guiding philosophy rather than an empty mantra

Speech at an Australian Christian Higher Education Alliance event in a possible election year is an attempt by the Labor leader to reach Christians through an appeal to the principles of social justice

A review of Labor’s performance in the 2019 election found that, by and large, “the people of faith have not left Labor, but Labor has lost support among Christian voters – especially devout, first-generation immigrant Christians “

Albanians, who previously called for the Morrison administration’s policies to be recognized for measures such as wage subsidies and a higher jobseeker rate, will say on Monday that everyone must strive for the “common good”

“If there is one positive thing that has emerged from this pandemic, it is that the basic truth of it, when the pressure came, was as surely spilled across political and ideological boundaries as a river spilled its banks breaks “he will say according to voice memos made available to the media in advance

“We have even seen some of these political parties who tend more instinctively to individualism and put their ideology aside as a treat unsuitable for the current reality”

Albanese says such an ideology has been “superseded by the spirit of inclusiveness, togetherness, compassion” based on the understanding that “the bond of our common humanity will get us through the crisis”

“It is the spirit of society, something that some ideologues of the past have tried to reject as a whole concept,” he says

“The pandemic has suppressed some of these dangerous fantasies and brought us back to the truth”

Albanese draws attention to Pope Francis’ observation in his encyclical last year that the tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic “momentarily revived the feeling that we are a global community, all in the same boat that one person’s problems are the problems of everyone ”

Albanese argues that “there is a strong overlap between these values ​​and Labor values ​​as [we] work on how to overcome this pandemic” – but claims that these values ​​should have an impact on, like Australia, too looking at life after Covid-19

Labor leader says the country has “a unique opportunity to shape the future and emerge from the pandemic as a better, fairer nation” He says there is “a feeling of fairness that the teaching of Jesus radiates in all the books of the New Testament”

Albanese says his mother raised him “in three major faiths: the Catholic Church, the Australian Labor Party and the South Sydney Rabbitohs”

He says going to school in St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney “for me strengthened the values ​​of social justice and equal opportunities”

Albanian says that in the parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus teaches the lesson “that we should not pass by those who are in need or who are suffering; that our care for others should be neither conditional nor transactional; that we should be driven by our own humanity “

The comments come at a time when the government is pondering the level of unemployment benefit that will apply after the coronavirus supplement ends in late March amid speculation about a permanent increase

Former Trade Secretary Craig Emerson and former South Australian Prime Minister Jay Weatherill’s review of Labor’s 2019 election results said the party was “wise to reconnect with people of the faith and their historical connections on social justice issues to stress the mainstream churches “

“More generally, the rise of the Christian right within the Liberal Party and Morrison’s rise to the Liberal leadership will ensure that Liberals continue to keep in touch with devout Christians,” the report reads

The Albanese speech is not expected to outline a new position on the stalled government law on religious freedom. It coincides with the publication of an open letter from Christian leaders to Morrison on Monday in which the writers swear, ” to stand in solidarity with the vulnerable “after the nation faced a” terrible year “

Anthony Albanese, Australian Labor Party

News – AU – Political leaders must ditch rusty ideologies and embrace sympathy, Albanese says
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