News – AU – Power for the people: 4BC Family is happy about the victory on Anzac Day


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Queenslanders celebrate a fantastic result after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced early this morning that Anzac Day events will take place as usual this year

BREAKING: Church services, marches and public commemorations on Anzac Day will take place as usual in 2021 #AnzacDay BildTwittercom / X3bKA6wRsy

“Congratulations to the entire 4BC Breakfast family,” said Neil. “We like to think we were part of it because we have made extensive use of the Anzac Day services this year”

“Today’s decision is clearly very, very important to veterans, “Brisbane Anzac Day Parade President Kerry Gallagher told Neil Breen

“I thank the Prime Minister, but most importantly, Neil, thank you and your team – especially Karryn

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Anzac Day, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Army Corps of Queensland, Australia and New Zealand, Premier

News – AU – Power for the people: 4BC family excited about victory on Anzac Day