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Not for the first time this Marsh Sheffield Shield summer – and certainly not for the last time – the day was one of Australia’s latest punching sensation Cameron Green

With three Shield matches being played across the country, there was considerable leeway for statements and names to be highlighted

And usually it was Green who, despite his tender years, screamed the longest and loudest The 21-year-old Western Australian produced a reckless 182no on day one at the gabba to put his team in a strong position of 3 -325 against competitive leaders Queensland

It was the third time Green has passed 150 in the competition this season – an accomplishment that has not been matched by such a young man since the late David Hookes went running for South Australia in the summer of 1976/77 163, 185 and 156 drive him to the Australian side for the centenary test and a subsequent piece of history

Few batsmen in recent history can have had such an appetite for runs at such a young age as Green.Only in the past 15 days has the right-hander completed more than 650 runs in two formats and on two levels, his 201 in premier Cricket two weeks ago, followed by 168 and 144 in Shield and One-Day Cup games against South Australia before today’s line-up of 258 balls

When he hit the kink between 2 and 16, he skillfully negotiated a difficult early stage on a pitch green enough to convince Bulls captain Usman Khawaja of a bowl

There was a brief mistake on 37 when attempting to throw a shorter ball from Jack Wildermuth aside, only to see it emerge and lay just below the gully outfield

Going back to type next, producing the solid forward defense that has quickly become one of the most dependable in the country

A short time later, he beat Xavier Bartlett through middle and middle for four, then pulled him past a fine leg to reach another fifty. The milestone could have caused a slight drop in concentration than the next ball he high stood flicking a straight from Xavier Bartlett through Midwicket He was pounded on the block and survived what looked very good

If it was a life, he made the most of it and quickly; During a hectic time between lunch and tea, he raced from 41 to 101 within 47 balls, which in turn highlighted his seemingly growing ability to move through the aisles with minimal effort

“I think it’s just developing his game,” said WA coach Adam Voges. “As he plays more and gains more confidence in his own abilities, you’ll see that (acceleration) a little more

“He would have taken a lot of confidence from his hundredth day if he could (walking quickly through the hallways) But he was able to put real pressure on the Queensland bowlers and keep their margin of error really low “

By Stump, Green had passed 700 shields for the first time in his distinguished career, reducing Travis Head’s lead at the top of the standings this season to just 44

“His technique allows him to hit for a long time, but I think his mental ability and desire to hit and hit for a long time are unprecedented for a 21 year old and that is what makes him so good”, he added to Voges “He just wants to keep beating and is doing great at the moment”

Perhaps most amazing of all was the way Green’s flair matched his focus once he made progress along with a series of beautiful straight rides on either side of the wicket from the quicks and a couple of adorable sixes above the left armed spinner’s head Matt Kuhnemann gave it Kevin Pietersen shades in a series of side punches where Green hit the ball through the middle with a wild cross-bat and then stood tall and lashed it elegantly through Midwicket, as the Englishman in his pomp had so effortlessly done

It’s no coincidence During his time with the National Performance Squad in Brisbane a few years ago, Cricket Australia high-performance coach Chris Rogers Green had encouraged Green to look at footage of Pietersen, believing he had some valuable lessons from another great and imposing right-handers could notice

“There are a couple of great guys I’ve looked at (as models),” the boy said at the time. “Chris Rogers mentioned Kevin Pietersen as someone I should watch

“He was quite tall and dominated with the bat and was very present in the middle”

Rogers, now Victoria coach, could check out the schedule, see Western Australia on the horizon and give such good advice on the rue

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News – AU – Green Bulldozer Queensland hits a record
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