News – AU – Richarlison bolsters Everton’s European hopes and adds to West Brom’s woes


Everton’s impressive record on her travels has brought her closer to Europe.A Richarlison header in the second half sealed the ninth win after 13 away Premier League games this season and kept Carlo’s side safe Ancelotti not only fought for a place in the Europa League, but also to qualify for the Champions League

West Brom’s frustration is that this match could have turned out very differently if they had taken any of the chances they had created over a long period of time when they were at the top but just like Sam’s men Allardyce were grateful for the luck and poor result at Brighton last weekend, they had to lament their own waste and an off-the-hairline detected by VAR in added time

Sam Allardyce’s suggestion to settle for a tie to extend his team’s undefeated streak raised fears that he might be aiming for a 0-0, but West Brom played with entrepreneurship and enthusiasm with the manager identified Mbaye Diagne as one of the keys to their survival, saying his team needs to improve service to the Senegalese striker, who in turn needs to improve his finish. Diagne looked ominous since he was loaned by Galatasaray in January but had only been in his six appearances before Everton visit hit That goal came in the second minute of last month’s draw at Old Trafford This started the unbeaten run with three games, which Allardyce wanted to extend

Here, too, Diagne should have opened the lead in the second minute.The quality of the service for the striker couldn’t be faulted when Conor Gallagher stormed into the right side of Everton’s penalty area and set up a nice cross between Michael Keane and Mason Holgate Diagne jumped up to hit it but couldn’t muster enough force for Jordan Pickford to jump over the goal and push his header away

West Brom was not discouraged Conor Townsend made regular forays to the left, revealing the fragility of Alex Iwobi at full-back. When Townsend set up Matt Phillips for a cross in the ninth minute, Ben Godfrey had to intervene in time to prevent the Ball Reached Diagne It was Keane’s turn to come to the rescue before Diagne could make contact with a cross two minutes later after an even fancier move, this time down the opponent’s flank

Pickford was in the 13th Put into action again when Phillips tested him with a low rasp from 20 meters in the minute.The team in the relegation zone looked brighter and more fluid than Carlo Ancelotti’s men, who in 17th Minute stumbled again as Townsend launched an attack by pouncing on a loose pass from André Gomes The move culminated in Diagne crushing a Phillips header and spinning to shoot just over the bar after taking Holgate and Keane had withheld

It was indicative of the way Diagne puzzled his markers that Holgate was booked later in the half for pouncing on the striker in a relatively harmless position near the sideline

Everton showed little acceptable threat until they turned Bernard into a shooting opportunity 20 yards from target, though Okay Yokuslu blocked them with a challenge that embodied West Brom’s commitment, but that was the beginning of an improvement by Everton, and Darnell Furlong had to Making another key block when a shot from Richarlison deflected into Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s path three minutes later, another lucky rebound offered Calvert-Lewin a chance he should have grabbed, but the striker’s weak shot from 15 yards enabled Sam Johnstone to save well with his feet

West Brom started the second half with the same enthusiasm they had shown for most of the first. Diagne shot after a long throw-in in the 51 A header just over the bar in the minute then Gallagher jumped into the area and pounded the ball over the face of the goal, but no teammate was close enough to hit the net

Ancelotti recognized his team’s struggles and made changes before the hour He pulled Iwobi back and gave up the back-three when he moved to 4-4-2 minutes later, replacing Abdoulaye Doucouré with Gylfi Sigurdsson, the Icelander soon orchestrating the breakthrough in a way that pained Allardyce as much as Ancelotti delighted the goal Allardyce is always annoyed by standard situations, so that he would have been horrified when Sigurdsson was allowed to collect half the clearance after a corner and send it back to the six-yard area, where Richarlison jumped into the net with little to no pressure

Everton then held West Brom in check until the interruption when Diagne hooked the ball into the net after a cross from Furlong A VAR review revealed that the striker’s left foot was offside

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News – AU – Richarlison boosts Everton’s European hopes and contributes to West Brom’s woes