News – AU – Sleazy Boss Warning for “DobSeeker”


A new federal government hotline allowing employers to reach out to people who are not taking jobs could help grubby bosses target young, unemployed women, according to Australia’s top union boss

The Morrison government last week announced it would increase the JobSeeker payment by $ 50 per fortnight once the coronavirus supplement was removed However, the increase is associated with stricter eligibility criteria and much stricter mutual commitment requirements

The government also confirmed that it would establish a national hotline, known colloquially as “DobSeeker,” so employers can report and decline people who have been offered a job

Failure to provide a valid reason for a job refusal would trigger a person’s unemployment benefit to be canceled

The President of the Australian Union Council, Michele O’Neil, called the proposed hotline a “shock” and gave the bosses unprecedented power over the unemployed

“When (women) have been asked to do something, or if they experienced behavior during the interview that led them to think, ‘Wait a minute, there’s a problem here,’ the idea that the Employers would have all the power and ability to beguile them and then they would lose their benefits Your survival income on this basis is a shocking proposition ”

The ACTU president said granting employers this power could deprive an unemployed person of the right to choose a job that is suitable for him

“It poses a threat to people Even if I offer you a sub-standard job, if I offer you a job where the conditions or your treatment are at risk of potentially poor treatment for you You have no right to say no, ”said Ms. O’Neil

Almost half of Australians currently working at JobSeeker “have no barriers to work,” according to the federal government, which urges unemployed people to “look beyond their previous experience” when re-entering the economy. p>

The following is the work of the Department of Social Services to identify individuals at JobSeeker who have been classified as “Ready to Work” This included being single, having no relatives, and having no diagnosed illnesses that would preclude full-time work

From the 1236023 people who died on 29 January at JobSeeker were paid, Department 476 found369 that matched the categories

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News – AU – Warning of a bad boss for “DobSeeker”