News – AU – SpaceX recycling vehicle for spaceship’s second attempt at launch [Updated]


Eric Berger
– 3 March 2021, 8:30 p.m. UTC

Update 154 p.m. EST: The SN10 Starship prototype nearly launched from south Texas on Wednesday afternoon, but a last-second reading out of bounds aborted the attempt.The abort was caused by a “slightly conservative high thrust limit,” said SpaceX founder Elon Musk then Basically the on-board flight computer received data from one of the engines that it was generating more thrust than expected

The good news? This thrust limit can be adjusted upwards in the flight software, and the vehicle is now recycled for another attempt by loading it with propellant. SN10 can still fly today, the time has yet to be determined

Originally posted at 8:12 a.m. EST: SpaceX may already be launching its third full Starship prototype named Serial Number 10 or SN10 from South Texas on Wednesday

This vehicle will be used by the company to attempt to land the spaceship successfully, with the last two versions, SN8 and SN9, failing to stabilize for a controlled landing in the final seconds of the mission. Both flights ended in fire at the landing pad SpaceX’s founder and chief engineer, Elon Musk, has estimated a roughly 60 percent chance of success this time around – suggesting the likelihood is a bit higher as he likes to set expectations

Similar to the two previous flights, which took place in December and early February, SpaceX will launch its Starship vehicle powered by three Raptor engines at an altitude of around 10 km, where it will switch from its main fuel tanks to smaller tanks near the top of the vehicle and performs a “belly flop” maneuver, realigning itself to simulate return from orbit. This allows Starship to both slow down and ensure its reusability without a massive heat shield / p>

The challenge is to successfully restart at least two of the three Raptor engines close to the ground to slow the vehicle’s descent and make a controlled landing, regardless of that, entertainment is guaranteed

SpaceX has already received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for this launch, and the window will open at 9:00 a.m. (15:00 UTC) South Texas time. As always, preparatory activities will likely delay testing further into the window, and there may be unplanned holds or the need to refuel and refuel as part of the test program. But the weather looks excellent with clear and sunny skies in South Texas

The test comes a day after Yusaku Maezawa announced an update for the “DearMoon” mission he bought on Starship that flight will take the Japanese billionaire and about 10 other people on a trip to the moon and back for about an approximate time Send weeklong mission to Starship This is expected to be the first human flight beyond the vehicle’s near-Earth orbit and further from Earth than any previous human mission

Maezawa said he held an online competition to “join the crew” and welcomed people to apply. He will select “talented” and “creative” people who will inspire others for space, the journey share with those on earth and willing to be good crew members

The video announcement included some comments from Musk regarding Starship’s readiness for a mission that could launch as early as 2023, “I am very confident that we will have entered orbit many times with Starship before 2023 and that it will be for the human transportation will be safe enough, “Musk said.” It looks very promising, “

We’re not entirely sure about the 2023 date, but it sounds funny, Maezawa admitted he was a little nervous about the flight but said he was more curious to find out what was out there, of course, none of this will happen until, of course SpaceX Starship flies safely into orbit and back dozen of times The iterative steps toward that goal will continue with Wednesday’s flight test

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News – AU – SpaceX recycling vehicle for spaceship’s second attempt at launch [Updated]
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