News – AU – Tai Tuivasa opens a difficult run and finds his mojo ahead of the Don’Tale Mayes fight


Tai Tuivasa is the Larrikin from West Sydney who made waves after the UFC heavyweight fight with his knockout power and loud antics

But before his second fight in almost 18 months, the 27-year-old says it wasn’t just shoes and “Eshays”

Tuivasa is booked to take off on Nov. March in Las Vegas to fight against the product Don’Tale Mayes of the Contender series (21 in Australia)

During a camp in Dubai, Tuivasa declared “I’m back” but spoke about the challenges of losing three fights and an unresolved personal life

“Fighting is only part of this sport Getting into the cage is only part. There are many different aspects to it,” Tuivasa told Sporting News

“Your sanity, how you feel outside the cage I think it was maybe a year or so, I was just a little bit crazy I had to take a step back and see what I wanted to do in this life, especially with fighting

“Just personal problems Maybe make the wrong decisions here and there Home life and relationship wise Shit like that

“I just had to take a step back and try to figure out what I wanted to do and all of this now I feel good and I feel on the run again”

After coming on stage with three wins in as many fights for the company, Tuivasa was brought back to earth with consecutive losses to Junior dos Santos, Blagoy Ivanov and Sergey Spivac

“I had to sit down and look at myself and think about why I was losing? There is obviously a problem here,” and I had to sort that out, “he said

“This works on yourself, I had to work on myself and I just feel good and work best when I feel uncomfortable

“You can easily make wrong decisions inside the store, anything outside of the cage I think it plays a big part in what you do inside the cage

“So I had to think about what I wanted to do – do I want to be a fighter or do I want to be everything else I’ve tried? I’m a fighter

Part of Tuivasa’s reset took him to San Jose to train at the famous American Kickboxing Academy under the guidance of Javier Mendes Former UFC champions Daniel Cormier, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Cain Velasquez and Luke Rockhold are all AKA products

Although he was unable to return to California amid the pandemic, Tuivasa still has ambitions to settle in the US

This move helped Tuivasa to return to the circle of winners with a round of 16 against Stefan Struve in October, his only fight in 2020

“Just to win, it was a deep breath ‘I did it I can still win,’ he added,

“Fighting is a very unforgiving sport. Winners are grinners and losers eat shit and I’ve had enough of eating shit”

Tuivasa has now been at the camp in Dubai for two months preparing for the Mayes battle, but there is no shortage of motivation between the big plans for 2021 and the loved ones back home

“I miss my son That’s about it, but I talk to him on the phone every day,” Tuivasa said

“If anything, it makes the whole experience more worthwhile. I’m there for him, I fight for him, I do this to feed him

Now that Tuivasa has got his sanity and personal life under control, Tuivasa says that it is not a good sign for Mayes or other future opponents to lose sight of an active year

And what does he know about 29 year old Mayes ?: “F ** k all I’ve heard he likes to serve, so it probably won’t be a good day in the office for him”

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News – AU – Tai Tuivasa opens a difficult run and finds his mojo ahead of the Don’Tale Mayes fight