News – AU – Terri Irwin announces pregnant daughter Bindi’s due date


Posted: 01:26 GMT, 10 February 2021 | Updated: 01:47 GMT, Jan. February 2021

And on Wednesday, her mother Terri revealed the special moment that Bindi and her husband Chandler Powell announced their pregnancy

When crocodile hunter Steve Irwin’s 56-year-old widow appeared on Channel Seven’s Sunrise, she said the couple were emotional when they broke the news of Australia Zoo’s annual crocodile exploration trip

‘We laughed and cried’: Terri Irwin (left) reveals the birth date of Bindi’s pregnant baby and the very special moment she found out she was going to be a grandmother. Pictured with son Robert Irwin at Seven’s Sunrise on Wednesday

The private moment was captured on camera for her TV show Crikey! It’s the Irwins, and a small excerpt was shared on the morning breakfast program

‘We were all out in the bush jumping on crocodiles all day with trackers attached. We were all sitting around the campfire and she [Bindi] just said “by the way” “‘ Terri remembered

“We all picked the names and laughed and cried and it was special and she is expected next month,” added the proud mother

‘We picked all the names’: Terri said Bindi is fine during her pregnancy and the family has given all the names for the baby that are net per month

During the segment, Terri said that Bindi was fine during her pregnancy and that she has now reached the “sweet spot” of not being able to see her toes

Robert said his big sister was “massive” but after a quick elbow from his mother he declared with a chuckle, “In a good way!”

In the clip from her TV show, Bindi chokes back her tears as she holds up a baby-sized khaki romper while her mother and brother sit by the campfire

The wildlife interlocutor had shared the exciting news with husband Chandler earlier while he was making a cup of tea

‘Baby Wildlife!’ Pregnant Bindi, 22, and husband Chandler Powell, 23, proudly shared their baby’s first sonogram in September

The couple met seven years ago in November 2013 when Florida-born Chandler toured Australia for a wakeboarding competition

They got engaged on their 21st birthday in 2019 Birthday on the grounds of Australia Zoo and married in an intimate ceremony in March 2020

Bindi the Bride: The couple, who met seven years ago at Australia Zoo in November 2013, got married in an intimate ceremony on the premises in March 2020

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News – AU – Terri Irwin announces pregnant daughter Bindi’s due date