News – AU – The “Answer All” podcast faces a settlement after allegations of anti-union bullying surfaced in its “Bon Appétit” miniseries


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“Answer All”, one of Spotify’s top podcasts exploring internet culture and technology, was celebrated for its new miniseries investigating allegations of a toxic environment at Bon Appétit

Then came a viral Twitter thread claiming that Gimlet Media has “a nearly identical toxic dynamic” that produces “Reply All” produces “

Eric Eddings, a former Gimlet podcast host who now hosts “The Nod” on Quibi, said on his Tuesday thread that the company’s color employees “felt they had no way to get promoted”” He said he had personally witnessed anti-union bullying when Company employees named PJ Vogt, co-host of Reply All, and Sruthi Pinnamaneni, reporter for The Test Kitchen, the miniseries about Bon Appétit

Following the allegations, Vogt has announced that he is withdrawing from co-hosting the podcast, and Pinnamaneni apologized

In his thread, Eddings accused Vogt, Pinnamaneni and “Reply All” co-host Alex Goldman of running an anti-union campaign in which Vogt “denigrated” members of the organizing committee that led the union formation charges against Eddings said that Vogt once told him that Pinnamaneni wanted him to know that she thought he was “a piece of s —“”

Colored employees at the podcasting company “felt this was their last chance to create an environment in Gimlet in which they could thrive,” Eddings


Eddings said when he told Vogt, who is white, about the experiences of colored people in the company, “who felt discriminated against”, the host was not moved “

Brittany Luse, a former Gimlet who co-hosts “The Nod” with Eddings, said in a tweet Tuesday that it was “impossible to explain how dark that time was” “your recoil thickened the air”, she said

“The BA staff’s stories deserve to be told, but it is detrimental to me that the coverage and storytelling are from two people who are active and AGGRESSIVE against multiple efforts to diversify the staff’s & content by Gimlet, “Eddings said Eddings did not immediately respond to a query from Insider

In the end, the organizers’ efforts were successful and the company was unionized prior to the Spotify acquisition in February 2019, Vulture reported

Vogt apologized in a statement shared on Twitter Wednesday, saying he would retire from the podcast, “I failed profoundly as an ally during the Gimlet era of union formation, and I had no intention of stopping union efforts , and I am very glad that it succeeded, “the statement said,” But at the time I was a baby and an idiot in many ways. When I think about my behavior, I find it humiliating “

The statement went on, “I should have thought about what it means not to be on the same side of a movement largely led by young paintmakers in my company I didn’t have these flaws mine”

Pinnamaneni also apologized in a tweet on Wednesday, “My behavior regarding diversity and unionization efforts at Gilmet has been ill-informed, ignorant, and hurtful. I haven’t paid enough attention to the less powerful black people at Gimlet, and I have.” should have used my power to support and further them, “she said.” I very much regret it for this. I apologize to everyone who has disappointed “

An internal email from Gimlet Editor-in-Chief Lydia Polgreen, sent to staff on Wednesday and received and reprinted by Vulture, also announced that Pinnamaneni would be stepping down from her role as host of “The Test Kitchen” immediately

The news comes that other media outlets, including the New York Times, faced similar controversy in the months following the assassination of George Floyd, sparking nationwide protests and racial settlements in American businesses

In an episode of “The Test Kitchen,” a four-part miniseries that focused on food magazine billing, Pinnamaneni even pointed out how ubiquitous racial differences are in the media, “The reason I think Bon Appétit is worth mentioning is not that it’s unusual, but that I think so much of what went wrong there is pretty typical, “she said

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News – AU – The “Reply All” podcast is facing a settlement after allegations of anti-union bullying surfaced Bon Appétit Miniseries
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