News – AU – The temperature record was broken in February during an extreme heat wave


Queensland saw another day of extreme heat on Monday, with one area recording its hottest February day

After the stifling temperatures on Sunday, with mercury surpassing 40 degrees in central Queensland, the heat wave peaked on Monday

Weather zone meteorologist Joel Pippard told Yahoo News Australia that Rockhampton is “in the midst of extreme conditions”

“Rockhampton is expected to be 41-8 degrees higher than normal by the time it hits 411 it will be the hottest February day in 52 years,” he said

Bundaberg beat its hottest February day to date of 377 degrees when the temperature gauge reached 38 at 1:30 p.m. (AEST)

On the coast as far as North Queensland, unusually high temperatures of 335 were measured in Mackay

The Bureau of Meteorology warned of a very high fire hazard for southeastern and central counties

These temperatures will drop from Tuesday thanks to an offshore trough, while the heat inland is steadily decreasing every day

🌡️ The heat wave lasts for a large part of Qld today. Extreme heat wave for #Rockhampton, where today’s maximum of 41 ° C is 10 ° C above average. Below in #SEQ, the heat wave has a low intensity with temperatures of 3- 7 ° C above average Your forecast: https: // tco / 5RooGmKWsXHeatwave-Dienst: https: // tco / aAxFbfC85D BildTwittercom / zZ72lzYoFV

And the heat isn’t just for Queensland Temperatures are scorching in some parts of Western Australia

Perth is set to high of 39 on Monday while Marble Bar in the north could hit 43

A low pressure system in the Tasman Sea is being pushed away by a cold front on Monday, which means a sharp drop in temperature for South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania

Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra have highs of 23, 20 and 28, while Darwin’s temperatures will be above 31

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Heat wave, Queensland, Bureau of Meteorology

News – AU – The temperature record was broken in February during an extreme heat wave
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