News – AU – Twitch Backtracks after outcry over the use of the gender-neutral term “womxn”


Streaming platform Twitch has traced a new policy to change the spelling of “women” following criticism from transgender communities

The company announced that it would use the term “womxn” to be more gender neutral in its language

But online LGBT communities called the change transphobic because it indicated that trans women weren’t women

“We’re determined to grow from this experience and make sure we get everyone involved,” the company tweeted

“Womxn” has become a popular alternative word for people who say the term “women” has patriarchal roots.Some believe the term includes trans women and some non-binary people, but this is controversial

The spelling “comes from a long-standing objection to the word woman, as it comes from man, and the linguistic roots of the word mean that it really comes from the word man,” said Dr Clara Bradbury-Rance, a fellow at King’s College London, told the BBC in 2018

It reflects the use of the word “Latinx” in some Spanish-speaking communities to try to move away from the traditional use of genders in the language

Twitch, a popular platform among gamers, announced its decision to swap “women” for “women” as part of the Celebration of Women’s History Month

“Celebrate and support with us all women who create their own worlds, build their communities and show Twitch the way,” says a tweet that has since been deleted

But the company has faced a violent backlash online, with some speculating that the company is making an explicit distinction between women and trans women

“With womxn you only separate them anymore, you are not inclusive, you exclude them from women,” wrote one Twitter user

Trans and NB women are WOMEN, not women, with womxn you only separate them anymore, you are not inclusive, you exclude them from women

This is actually transphobic and really out of date, it’s almost like Twitch hasn’t consulted a feminist linguistWomyn and Womxn is a transphobic imageTwittercom / XWb2kicC4x

On Tuesday, Twitch apologized, saying, “We want to assure you that we are and will continue to work with the LGBTQIA community”We’re still learning”

“Our good intentions don’t always translate into positive outcomes, but we are determined to grow from those experiences, get better results, and make sure we get everyone involved,” said the company

While Twitch tried to get this initiative more involved, the language alienated LGBT people and sparked a wave of criticism

Many social media users are still confused about who exactly Twitch’s “all the womxn” approach actually targeted trans women call themselves women, and many have fought for non-binary individuals to refer to themselves as women at all. p>

Twitch employees have since pointed out that there was an internal backlash in the decision to use the term “womxn” weeks before it was posted on social media, one worker claimed that “everyone” said it was a bad one Idea, and people called it “offensive” but the bosses still kept up with the release

Others have referred to this as a “marketing stunt,” suggesting that the hype and attention generated by the term is exactly what the initiative’s backers wanted

In 2018, London’s Wellcome Collection Museum faced backlash online after using the term in an ad for an event dedicated to women’s writing, critics, including numerous high-profile female journalists, said the term was “offensive and degrading” to critics Women

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news – AU – twitching regressions after outcry because of the use of the gender-neutral term “womxn”