News – AU – Two Vietnamese match officers have been shortlisted for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup


NDO – Two Vietnamese referees, referee Bui Thi Thu Trang and assistant referee Truong Thi Le Trinh, made the FIFA shortlist for the position at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia / New Zealand

The world governing body of football announced that only 56 referees and 100 assistant referees will be selected from 750 candidates to take part in the ninth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup July will be hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand until 20 August 2023

The creation of the shortlist marks the beginning of a process that will take more than two years to finally join the list of officials for the 2023 tournament, with shortlisted candidates meeting a number of FIFA criteria need

In order to make high quality decisions for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, FIFA urged member associations to shortlist the referees and assistant referees and expected them to identify the candidates for participation in the football matches for men and women at the highest level appoint country

Member associations are also encouraged to create conditions for those on the shortlist to participate in training and development programs for referees and assistant referees

In addition, FIFA has made a number of requests to the candidates, including the weekly use of a communication platform for information about the matches they are participating in, seminars and training courses they are participating in, and any injuries or special problems provide issues that could affect their ability to work. The shortlisted referees and assistant referees must also meet FIFA’s monthly fitness requirements

In the next step, FIFA sends regular reports to the national associations to follow the progress of the candidates and to notify the national associations if their representatives do not meet the established requirements

In 2021, the Vietnamese Football Association plans to continue organizing women’s national soccer tournaments and hopes to add two futsal events – the women’s national futsal championship and the national women’s futsal cup, so it will be for female match officers, especially referees Bui Thi Thu Trang and assistant referee Truong Thi Le Trinh, give many opportunities to take part in national competitions

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News – AU – Two Vietnamese referees to be shortlisted for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup
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