News – AU – UAE and Saudi Arabia export markets with the highest value in the MENA, a survey shows


Victoria, Australia’s grocery basket and one of the world’s leading premium grocery suppliers, has announced the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) were the most valuable grocery stores in 2019-20 and fiber export markets in the MENA region

45 percent of food and fiber exports from Victoria, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are still the main demand in the region, while Turkey, Yemen, Qatar and Jordan also saw strong export growth

Results were announced as Dubai prepares for the annual Gulfood Exhibition, the world’s largest annual food and beverage fair, held in the emirate this week

“The Middle East remains of strategic importance to Victoria and the strong export growth is an indication of our continued commitment to the region,” says Kassem Younes, General Manager for the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Russia and the CIS States Office of Commerce and Investment of the Victorian Government (VGTIO)

“There is still great interest in products from Victoria and our references as manufacturers of safe, high quality food are still recognized worldwide”

Victoria had its most precious year with $ 14 billion worth of food and fiber exports in 2019-20 Victorian goods exports to the UAE in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors totaled $ 294 million AUD, which is 65 percent of all Victorian merchandise exports to the UAE The state’s most valuable merchandise export to the UAE was meat (excluding beef) at 185 million AUD

Despite the current travel restrictions and supply chain disruptions between Australia and the region due to Covid-19, Victoria’s premium products make a significant contribution to overall Australian agri-food exports to the Middle East

The state continues to maintain close ties with its partners in the region, and as part of its focus on Gulfood, this week is helping to launch ViPlus Dairy, a nutritionally formulated milk powder brought to the UAE for the first time / p>

The infant and toddler formulations scientifically formulated in the ViPlus Dairy facility in Gippsland, Victoria provide children with important vitamins and minerals

“We offer some of the most nutritious dairy products in the world and are excited to be bringing this Victorian product to the UAE through our partners’ Al Maya supermarkets,” said Chris McKiernan, & International Marketing Director at VIPlus Dairy

“Every parent can rest assured that all of our milk formulations are prepared to some of the strictest food preparation standards in the world and provide a quality assured nutritional supplement that is 100% made in Australia”

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News – AU – UAE and Saudi Arabia export markets with the highest value in the MENA, a survey shows