News – AU – Vanessa Bryant responds to Evan Rachel Wood’s “rapist” allegation against Kobe Bryant


The 38-year-old mother shared a screenshot of an old tweet from Evan Rachel Wood who offered her condolences to Kobe Bryant’s family just hours after he and his daughter Gianna were killed in a helicopter crash, Though the Recognizing actress Kobe Bryant as a “sports hero,” she also described him as a “rapist” – an obvious reference to his 2003 sexual assault case that was ultimately dismissed

“What happened was tragic. I’m heartbroken for Kobe’s family,” Wood wrote on the January 26, 2020 tweet “He was a sports hero He was also a rapist And all of these truths can coexist”

Wood received widespread backlash on the post and deleted it shortly afterwards. She went on to share another message dealing with the tragedy without mentioning the rape case

“What happened is tragic beloved, this was not a condemnation or celebration,” read the following tweet. “It was a reminder that everyone will have different feelings and we can all grieve together instead of fighting. Everyone has lost Everyone is raised so please show kindness and respect to everyone ”

Vanessa Bryant told her followers that she only recently became aware of Wood’s “rapist” tweet. She also sent a strong message to the Westworld actress explaining how dangerous these types of allegations can be >

“Your false, insensitive, defamatory and slanderous tweet on 260120 is hideous and, to put it mildly, disturbing, “she wrote,” Such behavior is part of the reason why innocent black men go to jail for crimes they did not commit An accusation does not make anyone guilty You don’t know the facts “

Producer Abigail Disney filed a similar lawsuit against Kobe Bryant

just days after his death

“I haven’t said anything about Kobe yet because I felt like some time had to pass before I rocked. But yeah, it’s time for the sledgehammer to come out The man was a rapist Come on with it”

Vanessa Bryant responded to Disney’s tweet with a message almost identical to the one she sent to Wood

Kobe Bryant was charged with sexual assault in 2003 when a then 19-year-old woman alleged he raped her in a hotel room in Colorado in July of that year. Bryant, who was then 24, admitted that he was sexual Encountered the woman, but claimed it was amicable.The criminal case was dismissed in 2004 after the prosecutor refused to testify

“… I do not question the motives of this young woman. This woman was not paid any money,” said Kobe Bryant in a statement on the day the case was dismissed. “She has agreed that this statement will not be used against me in the civil proceedings Although I truly believe that this encounter between us was amicable, I now realize that she did not see this incident as I did after months of reviewing the discovery, listening to her attorney and even her personal testimony, I understand now how she feels like she disagrees with this encounter ”

In August 2004, the prosecutor filed a civil lawsuit against Kobe Bryant in connection with the alleged 2003 incident. The parties settled out of court in 2005

Earlier this week, Vanessa Bryant criticized Meek Mill for texts relating to the 2020 helicopter crash that killed her husband, daughter, and seven other people

“Yeah, and if I ever miss it I’ll go out on my chopper it’s another Kobe,” tapped Meek on an unreleased track with Lil Baby

“I don’t know any of your music, but I think you can do better,” she wrote on Instagram. “If you’re a fan, there’s a better way to show your admiration for my husband, who lacks respect and sensitivity ”

Vanessa Bryant shares a heartbreaking post on the anniversary of Kobe and Gianna’s death: “It still doesn’t seem real”

A self-confessed white supremacist was sentenced to 19 1/2 years in prison on Friday after pleading guilty months ago to a hate crime case resulting from a botched plot to bomb a historic Colorado synagogue In 2019, 28-year-old Richard Holzer appeared in a federal courtroom in Denver on a conviction that concluded an undercover FBI investigation into a plot to blow up the Emanuel Temple in Pueblo, Colorado, the state’s second oldest synagogue, despite the fact that the conspiracy was foiled, US. District Judge Raymond Moore said Holzer tried to recruit the Jewish community in Pueblo, a city of 112000 residents, about 100 miles south of Denver,

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY) urged New York state lawmakers on Friday to open an investigation into sexual harassment allegations made by former associate Lindsey Boylan against Governor Andrew Cuomo The progressive congresswoman told reporters that survivors “deserve to be heard” and noted states that “the process of hearing this allegation falls directly within the state legislature” meanwhile, New York attorney general Letitia James is reportedly examining a letter from Republicans who, according to Fox News, have also called for an investigation into allegations against governor Lindsey Boylan, Former Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and Special Adviser to Cuomo, published an essay on Wednesday on alleged sexual harassment she suffered while working for the governor, including unwanted kisses and touches. She wrote in the essay that Cuomo was involved with Help from top female aides “has created a culture within its administration where sexual harassment and bullying are so widespread that it is not only tolerated but expected. It also described an increasingly uncomfortable relationship she had developed with the governor, in which he went to see her and had one-on-one conversations with her Boylan recounted a flight she shared with the governor of an event in October 2017 at which Cuomo allegedly said, “Let’s play strip poker. On another occasion, Boylan said that Couple met for a briefing when Cuomo allegedly kissed them. “We were in his New York office on Third Avenue,” she writes. “When I got up to go and walk to an open door, he stepped in front of me and kissed my lips I was shocked but I kept walking Boylan resigned later on Jan. September 2018 back

In the weeks leading up to the November election, Joe Biden made a promise: Should he become the next dissident of the US president, the murderers of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi would be held accountable.The promise was widely welcomed by the liberal wing of the Democratic Party who has long sought to recalibrate America’s relations with the kingdom, but more moderate members were aware of Realpolitik Saudi Arabia is the US’s oldest and most important Arab ally, a relationship that Washington has had for decades since the discovery of oil More recently, however, the ties have been tested by the boisterous and ruthlessly ambitious young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who took over the business of running the country from his aging father King Salman in 2015. It’s no secret that Washington the cooler nephew of the king, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, very much The Crown Prince, or MBS, as he is known, had made a name for himself as a reformer who would pull Saudi Arabia into the modern age.But the 35-year-old prince has taken action against opponents, arrested activists who demand the right to drive, and even members of his own family, and waged a devastating war in neighboring Yemen

Ali Shamkhani, Iran’s top security official, said Saturday that the United States air strikes against Iran-backed militias in eastern Syria earlier this week will rejuvenate the Islamic State in the region, Reuters reports, “The attack on counter-terrorism resistance forces is the beginning of a new round of organized terrorism, “an Iranian news agency quoted him during a comment on the visit of Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein. In particular, he said the action” strengthens and expands the activity of ISIS, “Shamkhani reportedly said Tehran would become face the US “Plan to Revive Terrorism” in the Middle East, but not specified. Later, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif condemned the U.S. Strikes as “illegal and a violation of Syrian sovereignty” The Washington Post, meanwhile, provided an in-depth analysis of the strikes carried out in response to several missile attacks against US Targets in Iraq – which suggests whether Iran, which denies involvement in the attacks on US Aims, decides to respond in a way that will escalate the already strained relationship, depends on further developments in diplomacy of the Biden government “The actions of the administration and European support for US. Decisions in response to Iran’s regional tests will determine whether Tehran believes it can be more regionally aggressive under Biden, “said Norman Roule, who previously served as US Intelligence manager for Iran, the Post told the Post “But if the Iranians climb the escalation ladder, we will have no choice but to do the same to protect our armed forces and our partners.” Nevertheless, experts largely believe that the Iranian- Overall, President Biden’s strategy will be less bellicose than former President Donald Trump’s. Read more on Reuters, the New York Post and the Washington Post More stories from ComBiden Week in the Swamp Ben Sasse about Matt Gaetz: “This guy is not an adult” New Confirmed Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is “obsessed” with creating “clean energy jobs”

“This case is any New Yorker’s worst nightmare for no reason to be attacked with a large knife by a total stranger,” said an assistant to DA said

A robbery in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park was caught on cellphone video after the victim prevented the suspect from driving away with his belongings by following him on foot The victim, Jason Andaya, was with his for 10 minutes Ms. Natalie and his 2 year old son Jasper in Golden Gate Park when the incident happened “Just wonder what this guy is doing on this side of our vehicle he has no business there, “Andaya told the station

The Dominican Republic will begin building a fence along its 376-kilometer-long border with Haiti later this year to curb unauthorized migration and illegal trafficking, President Luis Abinader said on Saturday. “In two years we want that Put an end to serious problems of illegal immigration, drug trafficking and the movement of stolen vehicles, “Abinader said in a presentation to Congress. Construction of the border fence, the cost of which has not been disclosed, is slated to begin in the second half of 2021, Abinader said

Stolen manhole covers are the latest sign of growing poverty in Lebanon as the grave economic crisis continues and no end in sight.The cast iron covers, which weigh up to 70 kilos, can fetch as much as $ 100 if sold for scrap A practice that has wreaked havoc on the streets of Lebanon for years has now become even more problematic as the financially troubled authorities argue over who can afford to replace it. Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud was arrested yesterday in the Called the ISF control room, a government source told the Telegraph, where it was made aware of the stolen manhole cover issue. “They used the stolen manhole covers to get Abboud to pay to repair the city’s camera network,” they said ” It’s not just in Beirut, but across the country, “said a security source with knowledge of the meeting ens “People stole them for years to sell for junk, but in view of the economic crisis they are so expensive to replace that there is a dispute between Beirut Municipality, the Ministry of Homeland Security, who can pay for these things”The stolen manhole problem has worsened as poverty rises, said a separate member of the ISF who refused to be named as it was not empowered to speak on the subject The Telegraph was unable to reach Mr. Abboud for comment on The Economic Crisis in the Lebanon has been the greatest threat to stability since the 1975-1990 civil war. During a currency collapse that left more than half of the population falling into poverty, the country also had to grapple with a pandemic and one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in the world, the Equalize parts of the capital In a city that fell after the destruction of the port explosion on 4 August has difficulty rebuilding, the rapidly disappearing manhole covers can make a trip on the road dangerous. $ 100 for a manhole cover could make a big difference in Lebanon. “It is internationally documented that crime increases sharply when inequality increases sharply,” said the financial expert Ziad Hayek “It is fortunate that people are stealing manhole covers and we have not yet reached the stage of many robberies and attacks But if we go on like this – a year and a half in a crisis with no government action – it will happen at some point. “More than a year since the currency collapse began, the political class that drove the Lebanese economy is resisting – while it is in deeply rooted patronage networks from their resources – continue the anti-corruption reforms needed to unlock international aid

After just a month in power, President Biden has used deadly military force in response to Iran-sponsored attacks on Americans in Iraq The strike, allegedly carried out by F-15 jets, apparently attacked buildings along Iraqi Shiite militia groups Iraqi-Syrian border on It is worth noting that these Iran-backed Iraqi Shiite groups, and not the Iraqi government, control this part of the border. In other words, Iran and its proxies control a route from Iraq via Syria to Lebanon, where Iran’s largest deputy, Hezbollah, is located The borders have been cleared The Biden strike is a message to Iran, a warning shot of ongoing attacks by the militias that support Tehran, according to press reports, Biden faced a number of options and chose one the softest – a limited strike inside Syria instead of d es Iraq This choice has a logic First DuS Attacks in Iraq would likely make the life of Prime Minister Kadhimi, whom we generally support, more difficult and would spur the forces hostile against U. Presence – not least the Iranian allied militias – to demand that all US. Forces displaced.Second, should further Iran-sponsored attacks require Biden to meet Iran-backed forces again, this limited strike allows him to say that he has tried patience and restraint and that they have failed, but the strike in Syria and among Iranian officials can also send messages that Biden did not intend: The United States will never meet Tehran’s deputy in Iraq, and it will never meet Iran. If the Iranian regime concludes, the militias will strike again and again They won’t be deterred as they consider the attacks to be near free. The law of averages suggests that sooner or later these continued attacks will kill Americans. Then the president will face the need to punish Iran and really create deterrence Just attacking its proxies will be inadequate One of the key functions of the Shiite militia in Iraq is to enable Iran to attack US Forces while, by absorbing any punishment, keep Iran safe if there are a number of attacks that will harm Americans, eventually killing one or more, will be the limited United States response that we saw over the past week Not enough that doesn’t mean World War III and the American bombers over Tehran, but it does mean Biden needs to think about striking Iranian assets rather than expendable proxy groups in the past week, there has been no progress in the nuclear negotiations, on the contrary, the Iran has not agreed to participate in the EU-sponsored talks that the United States has agreed to attend He restricted the access of the inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency to Iran and threatened to enrich uranium to 60 percent. Nuclear energy requires an enrichment of no more than 5 percent The only use for uranium enriched to 60 percent is to make a nuclear weapon The least that can be said about President Biden’s second month in power is that we dream of a quick return to the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, aka JCPOA, and see a quick fix for US-Iranian confrontations are dissolving before our eyes The president’s refusal to date to lift sanctions and his willingness to use force against Iranian proxies suggest a more realistic assessment of Iran than many feared. There is no doubt that there will be many deep discussions within the administration, even give debates on the next step The government’s willingness to return to the JCPOA, if Iran complies again, the Islamic Republic has not moved an inch. Similarly, the reversal of the designation of the Houthis in Yemen as a terrorist organization by the government and their decision to stop selling “offensive” weapons to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen was taken with zero flexibility by the Houthis who promoted them. Additional terrorist attacks since policy change On the other hand, the government faces one more bigger Challenge as what to do about attacks on Americans in Iraq President Biden has already decided that they will be hit with violence, and if the attacks continue and escalate, it is reasonable to assume that if the attacks continue and escalate, the counter-attacks will continue. But what about the expulsion of nuclear inspectors by Iran, which violates the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and the “additional protocol” to the JCPOA (which allowed for rapid inspections)? What about a 60 percent enrichment if it actually is? How far will the government be willing to let Iran go on the road to building a nuclear weapon? That’s a hypothetical question today, but if Iran moves on, it will soon keep US Officials at night on Biden is the fifth American president in a row, by my count, to say Iran must never build a nuclear weapon If Iran does not change course, it could be the first to prove it

A Louisiana State Police soldier was suspended without pay for kicking and pulling a handcuffed black man whose death remains in custody and is the subject of a federal civil rights investigation The records are the first public confirmation of the State Police report that Greene was ill-treated and they confirm details provided last year by an attorney for Greene’s family who viewed body camera footage of the May 2019 arrest and compared it to the police murder of George Floyd by The State Police has repeatedly refused to publicly release the footage from the body camera

A briefing between the State Department and Congress staff on Vladimir Putin’s Russia-Germany gas pipeline got tense this week, and Biden officials distracted questions about why they hadn’t moved faster and more aggressively with sanctions against completing The Biden Officials also denied negotiating a possible ancillary contract with the Germans to allow the pipeline to be completed Stay up to date with the latest market trends and economic insights with Axios Markets Subscribe for Free Why It Matters: As we reported earlier this week, are some allies are concerned that Biden is shaky in Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and the fight is an important test of whether action will match the new president’s harsh rhetoric against Russia, feared by Russian opponents, including top officials in the Ukrainian and Polish governments, that Biden Angela Merkel n Not wanting to antagonize and not inflict serious costs on the Germans, and members of Congress – both Republicans and Democrats – were blown away by a report recently sent to Congress by the Biden State Department that targeted only one Russian ship for sanctions The Trump- Administration had already sanctioned this ship, the Fortuna.Behind the scenes: The first call between senior State Department officials and Republican and Democratic national security staff from the House of Representatives and the Senate was on Tuesday The Tuesday call was classified and was made from a secure room A source of the appeal and two other sources informed of the conversation said the interview was focused on why the Biden government did not target a larger number of ships for sanctions – given the arguments put forward by the aides, That the chase at sea clearly indicates a number of sanctions as more ships are working on the pipeline The call lasted about half an hour until the line at the end of the State Department suddenly died while some Republicans on the call initially thought they had been hung up, that said State Department said this was a technical problem, then on Thursday at 2 p.m. State Department officials gathered for a second briefing call, this time unclassified, with senior staff from the offices of the House of Representatives and the Senate, this call was more controversial, according to three participating sources as the growing hostility was coming From Republican officials unsatisfied with answers Biden officials appeared to be trying to politely avoid conflict During the call, a Republican Senate representative asked Biden officials why they were using Nord Stream 2 AG – the one used to build the pipeline competent State Department officials replied that they would not discuss certain units and that they were still investigating the facts and gathering the evidence “We’re talking about the company that owns Nord Stream 2,” the Republican official said loudly The three sources of the call, “I’m on your website right now, and you identify yourself as the company responsible for the design, construction and operation of the pipeline” have noticed that sanctionable activities have taken place in relation to the pipeline “the official continued,” What kind of information would you need to obtain in order to confirm to yourself that the company conducting the operation you just authorized is engaging in sanctionable activities? “State Department officials denied the general tone of the call was hostile, and claimed they later had collaborators Heard rn Congress who found the briefing useful, they argued that it could take a long time to determine which companies are sanctionable and reiterated that the Biden administration plans to use all available tools to stop the pipeline from being completed while of the call, Molly Montgomery, the deputy assistant secretary in the European and Eurasian Affairs Bureau, denied that the US. Negotiating a possible subsidiary contract with Germany so that the pipeline can be continued Reuters reported on Friday, citing a German government spokeswoman, that there is “an exchange between the US Government and Germany on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline to Bring Russian Gas to Europe “The report gave no further details. Foreign Ministry officials argued that the word” exchange “should not be construed as negotiation and that the Biden government should be used in the framework A senior Senate adviser also defended the Biden government against allegations of moving slowly and quietly, saying there was bipartisan opposition to the pipeline, but the government must ” ensure that each sanction meets a standard of evidence that can stand in court”” Time is short and they are under pressure, “said the aide,” but I think they are trying to avoid the clown car approach of the last administration, which did things like sanctioning Russian company Rusal but had to go back”After nearly collapsing the world aluminum market,” Measuring twice to cut once is always a sensible policy, “added the aide,” especially when there is a sense of urgency to get it right”” Yes, but: The Trump administration only removed Rusal from its sanctions list after an oligarch and Putin’s buddy, Oleg Deripaska, was blacklisted and pledged to sell his majority stake in the company. Congress asked Biden officials to commit to update the report they had already submitted to Congress with new posts to be sanctioned, but State Department officials did not commit, one of the Biden officials told staff of Congress, if they had more information on entities involved in the pipeline, they should tell what it is. Earlier this month, bipartisan members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken naming these suspicious ships recently passed defense law, Congress requested that the Administration sanctioned a wide range of pipeline-related activities The big picture: Pipeline construction was halted during the Trump administration after Congress ordered sanctions in a 2019 bill and high-ranking Trump officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, were aggressive Threats made after Biden took office, Russians resumed construction of Nord Stream 2 Conclusion: The pipeline is more than 90% complete and could be completed by the summer without major interventionMore from Axios: Sign up to get the latest Receive market trends at Axios Markets Subscribe for free

The man had tried to prevent the bird from escaping when he was struck in the groin by a knife on the animal’s leg

Sen Ben Sasse (R-Neb) didn’t exactly take blows in an interview with Politico when he stalked Republicans, Democrats, former President Donald Trump and the Biden administration all at once, Sasse, who was sentenced by the GOP in Nebraska for voting Directly criticized by Trump in his second impeachment case, stands by that vote, saying he does not mind the actions of his home state Republican Party against him, despite saying he thinks it’s not healthy. “His comments to Politico seemed to have earned that confidence At one point when asked about Trump’s Loyalist Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla), Sasse simply said “this guy’s not an adult” and generally described Congress as “a bunch of screaming yokels” “Sasse’s candor is brave, but it is It is worth noting that he is generally highly valued by his Senate colleagues and easily won re-election last year That’s why he’s anchored in the upper chamber until 2026 and probably doesn’t have to look over his shoulder from now.While he’s been in the limelight for his internal party criticism lately, Sasse also had words for Democrats, according to Politico. He said the Biden government was “crouching.” “Following the opinions of progressive lawmakers such as Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and called the education spending plan in President Biden’s COVID-19 aid package “catastrophic” “Read more at Politico More stories from the week ComBiden in the Swamp Newly confirmed Energy Minister Jennifer Granholm is” obsessed “with creating” clean energy jobs ” The FDA grants emergency approval to the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

Gangster Peter Gotti, the brother of notorious Gambino crime boss John Gotti, has died while on federal prison sentence, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press on Thursday

This hideaway in Xigera is only accessible by canoe and sits on lush riverbeds and a rich concentration of wildlife. Originally posted on Architectural Digest

A bad mouthed Kansas judge who was accused of bigotry and berated court clerks so often that a court clerk kept a “rant journal” documenting his obscene outbursts was suspended from the bank for a year on Friday Kansas Supreme Court called Montgomery County Judge F William Cullins’ conduct was “quite disturbing” as he received a sentence harsher than the criticism and coaching a disciplinary committee recommended last year for the sentence to take effect immediately , but the court said it would consider waiving the remaining suspension after 60 days if Cullins completes an approved training and counseling plan

Lady Gaga is ready to reward a mysterious woman who abducted her beloved French Bulldogs in a violent street robbery near her Hollywood home with a reward of 500$ 1,000 to be presented to Koji and Gustav, who were believed to be worth up to 10 each$ 000 was dropped by an unnamed woman at a downtown LAPD police station late Friday night Authorities believe the woman who dropped the dogs was “unrelated and unrelated to the attack” – but she was is still eligible for the “unconditional” 500″If you bought them or found them unknowingly, the reward is the same,” Gaga had confirmed in a post that confirmed the large sum before the dogs were returned on Friday during the violent one Kidnapping on Wednesday, dog walker and close friend of the singer, Ryan Fischer, shot in the chest Gaga’s third dog named Miss Asia escaped the attack and was later found by police.The singer, real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has been silent since the Dogs were handed over to the police But their rewarding offer raised eyebrows

Susan McCoy, a Georgia high school teacher, is under fire for commenting on Breonna Taylor’s death in a virtual class on Friday, explaining that Taylor was responsible for her own death during class, which is on video McCoy, who teaches forensic science at Pebblebrook High School in Mableton, is seen in a zoom appeal about Taylor’s death

Senators Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton set a goal of $ 10 an hour while Josh Hawley promotes the tax credit system Senator Mitt Romney said his proposal “would raise the word for workers without costing jobs” Photo: J Scott Applewhite / AP Republican lawmakers have vocalized against Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief bill, specifically against the inclusion of a Democratic provision to raise the federal minimum wage from $ 725 an hour to $ 15 an hour Hour But two groups of Republicans from opposite sides of the party have now introduced bills that show what they think is a tastier policy that addresses criticism of America’s current minimum wage move takes place amid a major push by left Democrats, unions and the Progressive advocacy groups instead of raising the minimum wage – a push that seems to have a higher chance of success than ever before.The campaign, often spearheaded by strikers’ protests, has put pressure on the Republican Party to respond in accordance with the Deep Spal Between its dominant Trumpist faction and its more traditionalist party elites, the twin responses seem to be aimed at addressing their pro-business allies on the one hand and their populist right-wing base on the other.Both have an anti-immigrant element Senators Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton made a proposal on Tuesday for a minimum wage of $ 10 to be implemented within four years with a slower, phased approach for small businesses.The law also requires employers to use the federal government’s e-verify program to ensure they are not undocumented Hiring Workers Currently, 29 states, including Arkansas, Cotton’s home state, have minimum wages above federal levels.Some states, including California, Massachusetts, and Colorado, have already exceeded minimum wages of $ 15 In a statement on d he bill railed Cotton against “millions of illegal immigrants” who are competing with American workers for “too few jobs with too low wages” Meanwhile, Romney said the legislation would “increase the word for workers without costing jobs” While immigration was largely ruled out in the $ 15 minimum wage debate, when Republicans argued against the wage increase, they cited a Congressional Budget Office report that 1, 4 million jobs could be lost with the same report also states that 17 million workers would see their wages rise and 900 would000 Americans Could Be Lifted Out of Poverty Using Politics Romney and Cotton’s plan would impact the wages of 3.5 million workers, according to a bulletin from Romney’s office Democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez subtly referred to the bill on Twitter and Called a $ 10 minimum wage “statutory poverty” on Tuesday Meanwhile, right-wing Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri released his alternative to raising the minimum wage: a tax credit for those who earn less than $ 1650 an hour The credit would be applied based on a person’s number of hours worked and would only be available to those with a U.S. Social Security number, with the exception of non-U.S. Citizens and undocumented workers.A full-time employee could legally benefit from up to 4Received $ 680 In Tax Credits Annually “It’s time we gave workers some respect and a raise. This plan would bring meaningful relief to families and working Americans through higher wages while creating incentives and encouragement to work,” said Hawley in a statement, according to Axios, Hawley’s team estimated that his plan would cost the government $ 200 billion, a number traditional Republicans would avoid Hawley has also split from traditional Republicans by saying on Twitter that he would have a minimum wage of 15 US $ 1 billion for workers in large companies with annual sales of at least 1 billion The two bills stand little chance of serious consideration as Democrats focus on internal debates over their $ 15 minimum wage proposal two of the more conservative party members, Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona, gave said they will not support the bill if it includes the wage increase. Manchin said he would support a minimum wage of $ 11 and told reporters that “it’s very difficult to get $ 15 in rural America there throwing outside “

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News – AU – Vanessa Bryant responds to Evan Rachel Wood’s ‘rape allegation’ against Kobe Bryant