News – AU – WEATHER: Heavy rains are expected to hit Ipswich


HEAVY rains and thunderstorms are expected to hit parts of Ipswich this afternoon, less than a week after wild weather has already hit hail-ridden homes

Although the cell is bringing dark clouds and thunder into the area, a spokesman for the Bureau of Meteorology said areas further west should take the brunt of the problem

BOM issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Darling Downs and the Granite Belt just before 3pm on Monday


It was a nightmare scenario for the people of this quiet Northern Rivers village, where more than 20 shots were fired during a three-hour lockdown


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The south coast of New South Wales, despite the regrowth in the bush, still bears the devastating scars of the 2020 horror season

Driving a car

The team celebrated its 1000th Sold since it opened less than two years ago


A new sports club or leisure center could be in stock for a suburb of Ipswich


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A man charged with three serious traffic offenses went free afterwards


A large grocery retailer is waiting for the green light to start building its business

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Bureau of Meteorology, Ipswich, thunderstorms, severe thunderstorm warning

News – AU – WEATHER: Heavy rains are expected to hit Ipswich
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WEATHER: Heavy rain is expected to hit Ipswich
Heavy storms, heavy rain is expected in the region this afternoon