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On February 12, the Chinese New Year opens under the sign of a structured, courageous and stable animal

Welcome to the Metal Ox! On February 12, the Chinese New Year opens with a period of good intentions under the sign of a structured, courageous and stable animal Decryption with four experts

January 2021 was already expected firmly This is to say the impatience that hangs over this Chinese New Year under close surveillance Friday, February 12 marks (finally) the end of the Metal Rat game with the appearance of the Metal Ox, a symbol of discernment and anchoring Chinese astrology may be the first to celebrate this transition which brings new benchmarks …

“Let’s stand up!”, Urges Marie-Pierre Dillenseger The expert in feng shui, famous for her annual conference on Chinese astrology for twenty years, and who has been a packed house at Sciences Po (on Zoom this time), recalls: “In the Chinese tradition, time does not is not linear but cyclical Also, time and space represent energies that interact with our own goals.”

Clearly, if we look at 2021 as the logical continuation of 2020 – Worst year ever, according to Time magazine – we are very likely to miss the point. Because as much the Metal Rat, “one of the most destabilizing years of the sixty-year cycle of the Chinese calendar”, can be compared to a huge wave that we would hardly have seen rising and which carries everything in its path. , as much its successor, the Metal Ox, promotes sustainability, structure, responsibility 2021 imposes a face-to-face with reality

Small detour through the symbolism of the elements: “The Ox is the aggregate of three of the five Chinese elements: Earth, Water and Metal Earth is the metaphor of grounding and transformation, explains the specialist Water is the metaphor of movement and communication Metal is the metaphor of justice, decision-making capacity and expertise”What to remember? 2021 calls for strong individual responsibility On health, ecology, politics, social issues, but also in our modes of communication, a nod to social media overflows In 2021, not serious, to abstain “A keyword of the year is courage,” continues Marie-Pierre Dillenseger While we are trying to pick up a fragmented economic and social fabric, this reconstruction requires individual initiatives It is for this reason that I wanted to publish my last book Dare to be fulfilled (1) well before 2021″The book invites recognition and enhancement of our own talents

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A course to be taken, especially as 2021 is not without pitfalls “It is said that Lao Tzu rode a white buffalo the last years of his life to show signs of wisdom and immortality, this time explains Marina Keren (The Mysteries of Chinese Astrology Unveiled (2)), energetician and astrologer, active in the Institute for Research on Extraordinary Experiences (Inrees) But there is no Year of the Ox without opposing forces: we will continue to navigate between constraints and freedom”

Hardening, tightening, changing laws, this is what November (the month of the Dog) promotes “Let us not forget that the metal is still present, an element of straightness and hardness It facilitates clashes and ramps up It is also, in Chinese medicine, the symbol related to the lungs and nose The epidemic is still here”In this still intense year, to catch your breath, you will have to wait until mid-June and until the end of July Further? In 2022, the Water Tiger is playing the game of solidarity, with possible humanist revolts “It is the aggressive side of the Tiger, tempered by the element of water that carries tolerance,” adds the astrologer In 2023, we will tack And, in 2024, the Wood Dragon will be at the service of innovation and the avant-garde, with revolutionary ecological urgency A pivotal year, according to Marie-Pierre Dillenseger: “Because a new twenty-year cycle begins, associated with the Chinese element of Fire Fire is awakening, the spiritual, also destruction We have four years to bring out virtuous, useful, pragmatic initiatives, and prepare for a change of cycle in a peaceful planet.”

Broadly speaking, Western astrology weaves the same perspectives, with some differences … A Saturn-Uranus square, the astral conjunction of 2021, projects us into the future between order, heckling and contestation “A change in society centered on the logic of individual responsibility has begun,” confirms humanist astrologer Nitya Varnes The consequences of the pandemic will unravel until 2024, when Pluto enters Aquarius By 2025, let’s expect to see new lifestyles, codes, ways of thinking”

Dominated by a feeling of vagueness, the time has come for adaptability, for individual decision-making, she adds. The young anthropologist astrologer Sarah Chouraqui deciphers in turn: “If the keywords for 2020 were mourning, fear, resistance and essentials, 2021 is marked by the entry of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius, which offers a new beginning carried by an energy seeking to free from a hierarchical pyramidal functioning”And to warn:” This presence of Aquarius in the sky until 2024 poses the risk of missing out on our ideas and their achievements, of not being able to embody the desired changes Aquarius expresses a form of disembodiment”It is no coincidence that the next work by Marie-Pierre Dillenseger, scheduled for publication on March 16, is entitled Debout: la force de s’incarner (3)

(1) Oser s’accomplir, by Marie-Pierre Dillenseger, Mama Éditions, 348 pages, € 11.99
(2) The Mysteries of Chinese Astrology Unveiled, by Marina Keren, Éditions Quintessence, 192 pages, € 17
(3) Standing Up: The Force to Incarnate, by Marie-Pierre Dillenseger, Mama Éditions, 204 pages, € 11.99

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News – FR – 2021, year of the Ox: the return of stability
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