News – EN – A kilometer-long asteroid approaches Earth but won’t fall on us


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A new giant asteroid, the size of the Golden Gate Bridge, will pass “close” to Earth We expect it for March 21, 2021 as close as possible to our planet (at 2016351 km) It is the largest and fastest asteroid to pass near Earth in 2021

Don’t panic, we are not going to pan out like the dinosaurs although this asteroid has been categorized as “potentially dangerous”

Definitely, the period is favorable for asteroids After 2019 YP5, the size of the pyramid of Giza two weeks ago, here is 2001 FO32, the size of the famous San Francisco bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge (1 km) which speeds at 34.4 km / sec, as NASA announces! Its size is still an estimate, it would be between 767 meters and 1.714 kilometers according to earthsky, which makes it larger than 97% of asteroids but relatively small compared to large asteroids which can reach tens of kilometers.

NASA describes potentially dangerous asteroid (PHA) “based on parameters that measure the asteroid’s potential to make threatening approaches to Earth”Specifically, all asteroids that come close to Earth within 7480000 km or with a diameter greater than about 150 meters are considered “potentially dangerous”

The characteristics of 2001 FO32 therefore make it fit into this PHA category, but you don’t have to reserve a place in the bunker closest to you. Indeed, “the asteroid 2001 FO32 is not a danger to us,” Paul Chodas, NASA’s director of near-Earth object studies, told SYFY WIRE.

He continues: “The categorization of an asteroid as a PHA does not necessarily mean that it is expected to collide imminently with Earth, or even within the next two centuries. It just means that over a period of thousands or tens of thousands of years, the asteroid could eventually impact Earth.”


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News – EN – A kilometer-long asteroid is approaching Earth but won’t fall on us