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It’s been a few months since we waited for news of a potential remake of the Diamond and Pearl versions of Pokà © mon, and as Pokà © mon Day approaches, everything intensifies Several weeks ago, we reported to you that a Spanish site claimed that this remake was well underway and that it would be revealed on February 27 next, but it could be that it is even earlier Take all of the following with tremendous tweezers, as nothing is confirmed yet

No van a tener que aguantar hasta el Pokà © mon Day el 27 de febrero para las grandes noticias que han estado esperando

Still according to the Centro Pokà © mon site, which reiterates its first claim, a new Pokà © mon game should be announced this week, before this weekend which will mark the 25th anniversary of the series. © laugh The site persists and signs on a remake of the Pokà © mon Diamond and Pokà © mon Perle episodes

Of course, these are all rumors at the moment, since it is not known whether the site in question has reliable sources or not. Having said that, it would be amazing to see The Pokà © mon Company do nothing for the anniversary of the license, apart from Pokà © mon Day where we will see many artists paying homage to Pokà © mon, from Katy Perry to Post Malone

But since Nintendo still has nothing special about the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda (apart from the Skyward Sword remaster), one can also say that The Pokà © mon Company could wait. still a few months before revealing his plans Fingers crossed that an announcement comes this week, so fans can celebrate the anniversary with a little more content

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Yeah, I guess we’ll have to wait anyway: how long has it been since a Pokà © mon game was released in November?

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News – EN – A new Pokà © mon game announced this week before Pokà © mon Day?
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