News – EN – Amel Bent: her bitter report on the place of female artists


Member of Enfoirés whose annual concert is broadcast this Friday March 5 on TF1, Amel Bent regretted on Europe 1 the “date of expiration “of female artists Non Stop People tells you more

The annual Enfoirés concert is broadcast this Friday, March 5 on TF1 This edition, which is unlike any other, recorded last January without spectators, brings together some forty artists for the benefit of the Restos du Coeur Member of the troupe, Amel Bent came to promote the traditional concert on the Culture Médias program on Europe 1 Like many sectors where the lack of parity has been denounced, the volunteer producer of the show Anne Marcassus has recognized “a problem of parity” “We have had a problem for years with girls,” she regretted, arguing that within the Enfoirés, “boys may be playing the game” more than strong female artists.

“Ah yes?”, reacted Amel Bent not very convinced by this explanation. The singer then shared her observation on the place of women in the world of music.”It is an observation that I have been making for a number of years: women, strangely, last less than men in this profession”, she observed, adding to have “the impression that there is a little an expiration date, we let them age less in this profession “”I have the impression that there are more men who have survived time in their artistic careers than women”, continued Amel Bent before taking the example of The Voice where she is a coach. “I’m the only woman in the armchairs But anyway, since the show was created, there have only been 4 women in these chairs. Only I believe that it is also really representative of the place that we leave to women in the music industry “, she noted on the 14 coaches passed by the show.

Amel Bent, Les Enfoirés, TF1

News – FR – Amel Bent: her bitter report on the place of female artists
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