News – EN – Baby born after a uterus transplant: grandmother and donor, Brigitte tells


This is the medical achievement of the week The kind of prowess and hope that brings balm to the heart in these gloomy times This beautiful story is that of Micha, this baby born last February 12 at the Foch hospital in Suresnes, two years after his mother’s uterus transplant. Her mother is Deborah, 36, born without reproductive organs due to a congenital disease But on March 31, 2019, a transplant was performed thanks to a donor, who is none other than Deborah’s mother.

Brigitte’s granddaughter is now 10 days old, “Micha left her incubator, she is in the cradle and spent her second night in a room with her mom Everything is fine, the mother is recovering slowly and well “, she says. “I feel like a normal granny Her birth is special but I’m happy like a classic grandmother “, smiles the grandmother who recalls that” the little cozy nest is the same “in which her granddaughter was born, is the same as the one who gave birth her daughter

For Brigitte, the transplant was for her a “great adventure We had some great encounters, Professor Ayoubi’s team is very united, it was a great meeting of great people I would like other hospitals to be able to do this kind of intervention “, says Brigitte “If I could redo it, I would”

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News – FR – Baby born after a uterus transplant: grandmother and donor, Brigitte tells
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