News – EN – “C’est lamentable”: stinging setback for Gad Elmaleh and his tribute to Claude Nougaro


New blow for Gad Elmaleh After the bitter failure of his series on Netflix and the accusations of plagiarism by CopyComic, Gad Elmaleh has suffered severe criticism since the release of his tribute album to Claude Nougaro, Dansez sur moi In an article published this Sunday, February 21 in La Dépêche du Midi, several former relatives of Claude Nougaro questioned Gad Elmaleh’s lack of experience in singing “The arrangements of Gad Elmaleh’s album are very classy, ​​at the height of Claude, believes Yvan Cujious, a Toulouse composer used to Claude Nougaro’s covers. And if we don’t doubt the guy’s sincerity, vocally, it’s complicated “

According to the professionals interviewed by our colleagues from La Dépêche, Gad Elmaleh would not be, vocally, up to the talent and the repertoire of the Petit taureau toulousain, although he always dreamed of being a singer “All this is not very legitimate,” says Philippe Léogé, author of a jazz album dedicated to Claude Nougaro last year. Of course the musicians who collaborated on the album are excellent But at the level of the song… “And to add, categorically:” It is lamentable, just business”Also requested for the article, the drummer Francis Lassus, author of a cover album, does not go dead hand “With such an album which rehashes the same archi-known songs (and great in the original version), we are not in the spirit of Nougaro He was a creator, not a recreationist”

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The Interior Ministry announced a strengthening of controls to ensure that the curfew at 6 p.m. is respected, due to the good weather this weekend

Gaël Monfils, the French tennis champion, announced a very sad news on Saturday February 20 The sportsman has separated from his partner Eliva Svitolina, with whom he is currently on a break In his Instagram story, he revealed the reasons

On February 12, Vitaa confided in the Clique show about her friend Diam’s And once again, her confidences are cold in the back The singer notably returned to an expression that the former artist used to say: that fame was a “curse”

Tonight on Arte, Daniel Day-Lewis is a lawless prospector in There Will Be Blood by Paul Thomas Anderson It is one of the last roles of the British actor who ended his career in 2017.

With her cover of “Dying on the Stage” by Dalida, Vanina captivated the coaches – and moved her friend Amel Bent to tears – this Saturday, February 20 in The Voice Meeting with a motivated artist!

The hospitalization of Prince Philip, 99, “is a precautionary measure on the advice of his royal highness doctor, after he felt unwell,” Buckingham Palace assured

Sunday February 21, Gina Maria Schumacher posted a funny photo on her Instagram account It’s a very special weekend for the daughter of former Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher

Friday February 19, Pauline Tantot published new pictures in which she strikes a pose dressed in her best outfit: nothing! Needless to say that its subscribers legitimately appreciated the publication…

Lola, Julien Courbet’s daughter, is followed by more than 3,000 subscribers on Instagram They revel in her sexy pictures, which she happily publishes on her page Its last publication left no one indifferent!

In their clay and hay cabin, which relies on a solar panel for electricity, Jonathan, Caroline and their two-year-old live peacefully among the woods When the cold freezes their water supply, Jonathan goes to the stream for supplies The couple left Paris two years ago to settle on this plot, in Corrèze “First winter, there was a bit of apprehension, because a farmer told us that we wouldn’t be clever in our cabin in -15 ° C”, recalls Caroline. The couple of environmental activists founded a website to promote their lifestyle The candidates for a return to nature are more and more numerous with the health crisis The municipality of Chasteaux complains “Our initiative is to encourage people who own land but who do not take care of it to make it available to collectives who are committed to regenerating and preserving the land”, explains Jonathan Like them, a dozen people have settled in these woods But the town of Chasteaux has taken legal action: these new inhabitants are installed in an area at risk of landslide “If the municipality does not file a complaint, if there are accidents, the municipality will be responsible” The family is at risk of being evicted and their cabin destroyed

From the navigator Alain Colas to the French businessman Bernard Tapie, the Phocéa, a sailboat built for solo offshore racing and transformed into a luxury yacht, had an incredible destiny to end up sunk off the coast of the Malaysia

Happy in her family life, Jesta Hillmann has decided to reveal to her fans the face of her second baby boy named Adriann, this Sunday, February 21 on Instagram

Let’s embark with Alain Bashung’s wife, Chloé Mons, who is publishing his second novel, “Jachère”, and her 20-year-old daughter, Poppée, who will soon be in season 2 of “Mytho”, for an intimate moment A two-part interview For the first time

BACKSTAGE – On Saturday the third episode of the telecrochet opened with a candidate who lost her means before entering the set She and artistic producer Pascal Guix recounts how she recovered

This Saturday, February 20, Kurt Cobain would have blown out his 54 candles By taking his own life, the Nirvana frontman left behind his only daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, born from his union with singer Courtney Love

This Saturday, February 20 in 50 minutes Inside, Jérémy Frérot spoke about his new family life

The companies Air France, Air Caraïbes and France Bee are going to start a one-month experiment for flights to overseas departments and territories, says “Les Échos”

Cyril Hanouna announced, live, the arrival of Isabelle Balkany in the program Balance your post However, the installation of her electronic bracelet apparently altered the plans of the former politician.

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News – FR – “C’est lamentable”: stinging setback for Gad Elmaleh and his tribute to Claude Nougaro
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