News – EN – Confinement on weekends, closure of shops: the new measures adopted in the Alpes-Maritimes


It was announced, it is confirmed: the Alpes-Maritimes first department to set up localized containment The prefect announced it this Monday Here are the details of the measures

It is the first metropolitan department to implement such measures since the start of the epidemic a year ago Nice and the Alpes-Maritimes will experience local containment this weekend The prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes announced it at a press conference on Monday, after a weekend of discussions with local elected officials

The first and strongest measure is therefore localized confinement on the coastal strip from next weekend It is the return of the certificates of movement during the day and of “everyone at home” except physical activity and essential races

If municipalities had not yet implemented the wearing of masks everywhere in public spaces They will have to comply now In particular Cannes for example It becomes compulsory under penalty of a fine

🗣 From now on, wearing a mask will be made compulsory “in all areas with high traffic in all the municipalities of the department”, announces the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes Border controls will be strengthenedFollow the live 👇https: // tco / nmgnIm10yypictwittercom / SOKKumuGkO

“It was decided to close shops and shopping malls over 5000 square meters with the exception of food shops “, also announced the prefect

🗣 All the businesses concerned “will be authorized to maintain take-out on order and home delivery”, specifies the prefect of the Alpes-MaritimesFollow the live 👇https: // tco / nmgnIm10yypictwittercom / FKWbfr3s9l

On the other hand, “unanimously”, the elected officials did not want generalized confinement The epidemic is on the rise in the department The incidence rate in the metropolis of Nice is particularly high: 751 positive cases per 100000 inhabitants, more than three times the national average (190)

And every day, “500 new people fall ill with Covid in Nice,” said the Minister of Health during his visit to the Riviera capital on Saturday, where he notably spoke with caregivers

The prefect also announces the acceleration of the vaccination campaign (3500 additional doses and 1000 more doses this weekend) People aged 50 to 64 will be massively vaccinated with AstraZeneca

🗣 The Alpes-Maritimes department will receive 4,500 additional doses of Pfizer vaccine today, in addition to the 90,000 doses that will be delivered by the end of March, indicates the prefectFollow the live 👇https: // tco / nmgnIm10yypictwittercom / 7kzcfHm0AA

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News – FR – Confinement at weekends, closure of shops: the new measures adopted in Alpes-Maritimes
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