News – EN – Covid-19: the Cese launches a consultation on the “vaccine passport”


Internet users are invited to comment, online, on this proposal for a pass “for access der to places now closed (restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, museums) »»

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese) on Wednesday launched an online consultation on the “vaccine passport”, a few days after having sent the government a recommendation in favor of “licenses of ‘officeÂ’ to produce anti-Covid vaccines

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“What do you think of the vaccination passport? Â »: this is the question asked on the site participateLecesefr until March 7 In response to this proposal for a pass “to access places that are now closed (restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, museums)”, five choices are offered ( from “very bad” to “very favorable”), as well as an “optional” comment field

This consultation follows a first questionnaire closed on Monday and the first results of which show that “side effects are the main subject of concern”, indicated Stéphanie Goujon, rapporteur of the Cese’s “vaccination” commission, during a press conference This body has already sent two recommendations to the government, added its president Marie-Andrà © e Blanc. The first advised, at the end of January, to create a “reception telephone platform” and a “single website” to inform the population about the vaccination campaign. The second, adopted last week, suggests that the executive “apply for licenses to manufacture vaccines” already authorized and “consider recourse to licensing. of ex officio licenses ”, she clarified

Other debates are scheduled for Thursday on “accessibility to vaccines, places of vaccination, logistics, communication, city medicine and territories”, in view of the presentation of a progress report on 23 February, probably with new recommendations This work will be “fed by the citizen collective” installed in mid-January, and whose 35 members will meet for a new session from Thursday. But nothing guarantees their concrete implementation, as recalled by Professor Alain Fischer, chairman of the Orientation Council for the vaccine strategy: “Recommendation does not mean decision, political power retains all its freedom »

the 02/17/2021 at 7:59 PM

Minors, people with contraindications will not be able to have it, they want to create excluded people, I am against, but I am also against the EESC which is useless and expensive

the 02/17/2021 at 7:52 PM

To be useful, the vaccinees should be immunized not only against the Covid, but also against all its current and future variants, and especially not to transmit the virus if they would be carriers These conditions not being met, this “passport” is therefore totally useless!

the 02/17/2021 at 7:43 PM

Instead of organizing a real vaccine campaign, we amuse the gogos What a bunch of dummies The EESC is useless so it must be occupied

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News – EN – Covid-19: the Cese launches a consultation on the “vaccine passport”
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