News – EN – Cyril Lignac’s secret for a very soft brioche


The chef reveals how to get a tender and sticky brioche Check out this great trick to succeed every time!

For breakfast or afternoon tea, brioche is always a good idea To enjoy plain or with a good homemade spread: you still have to know how to make it Cyril Lignac offers RTL’s microphone his recipe and his trick that always works for a super soft and fluffy brioche It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before Fortunately, it’s never too late to catch up Shall we get started?

To obtain a soft and fluffy brioche, which melts on the tongue with each bite: there is a magic ingredient You probably already have it in your refrigerator since for a real fondant: you need butter “The more butter there is, the softer the brioche will be, it’s that simple”, adds Cyril Lignac To succeed in your bread, you will therefore have to forget the diet and the aerial recipes, and not skimp on the fat. Obviously, adding butter is not the only ingredient that will ensure the success of your recipe. It will also be necessary to respect the growing times, knead properly and ensure that the standing time is sufficient before cooking. By bringing all these parameters together and arming yourself with patience, you will get a brioche to die for

2 Dissolve the baker’s yeast in a little milk and pour everything into the vat

4 Beat the eggs in a separate bowl and pour them one by one into the bowl

5 Once you have a good set of dough, increase the kneading speed until it sticks to the hook. Elasticity is important because it is this which will give the stringy crumb

6 Peel the ball off the hook and add the softened butter that you will have taken out of the fridge at the beginning of the recipe You can go up to 300g of butter if you want

8 Divide the ball into small balls, lightly flour them so that they do not stick, and put them in the fridge for 12 hours

9 Take them out of the fridge and roll them between your fingers You can add orange blossom to your dough, pouring a few small drops at this stage if you wish.

11 Make the gilding with a brush and egg yolk You can add granulated sugar on top

Once the brioche is cooked, let it cool down and cut it in half before eating it And if it’s not buttery enough, the chef adds with a laugh that you can always spread a knob of semi-salted butter on your brioche before eating it!

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News – EN – Cyril Lignac’s secret for a very soft brioche
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