News – EN – Daft Punk: An aborted game project with Ubisoft revealed, concept explained


Daft Punk, the famous French electronic music duo announced yesterday their separation after nearly 30 years of collaboration Logically, the news was like a bomb in the entertainment world. And it made it possible to make a discovery concerning a game project involving Daft Punk which unfortunately never saw the light of day.

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Following the announcement of Daft Punk’s separation, countless testimonials and other tributes to the group have been found on social networks Among the latter was that of James Mielke, former producer at Q Entertainment now Creative Director of Studio Tigertron. In his message posted on Twitter, he reveals that when he was at Q Entertainment, a game related to the world of Daft Punk almost saw the light of day in collaboration with Ubisoft:

(Daft Punk split) reminds me of when I pitched Daft Punk Lumines at Ubisoft and got the GREEN LIGHT I then pitched the game to Daft Punk: they were interested They did not however want to use old music (in the game) And since they were working on (the music for the movie) Tron: The Legacy at that time and they didn’t have time to create new music (for the game) The game would have been played inside their pyramid shaped DJ booth and the level of frenzy of the crowd would have been related to the quality of your combos.

James Mielke also explains that this project did not completely end up in the trash Indeed, its concept was transformed into Lumines Electronic Symphony, a game released on PS Vita in 2012

Despite their obvious attraction to new technologies, Daft Punk have been rather quiet in the world of video games throughout their careers. The two French have lent their avatars as well as their songs to FreeStyleGames and Activision for the needs of DJ Hero

The mixes of Daft Punk songs heard in the rhythm game, however, had not been created by the group but by the game developers (it was possible to play the role of Daft Punk in a room resembling the stage of their concerts) Another remix of one of their songs could also be heard in DJ Hero 2

Note also that Daft Punk had participated to the height of a title in the soundtrack of WipEout 2097 Their title Aerodynamic was also part of the playable titles in Kinect Star Wars And several of their hits have appeared on the tracklists of games like Top Spin 4, Just Dance 3, Just Dance 2014, Just Dance 2019, NBA 2K13 or even NBA 2K14

Unless there is a sudden turnaround in the situation, fans of the work of the duo formed by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo will therefore have to be content with that (and pieces produced by one or the other of the two artists and loaned to different video games) Everything seems to be gone so that a game designed in collaboration with Daft Punk remains at the stage of sweet dream

Are you Daft Punk fans? How do you take the announcement of his separation? Would you have liked the Daft Punk Lumines game to come out? Do you think that the universe of Daft Punk could have been used to create a video game? Tell us all in the comments below

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News – EN – Daft Punk: An aborted game project with Ubisoft revealed, the concept explained
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