News – EN – Daft Punk wanted to work on a Lumines musical game, but Tron got priority


Now that the famous Daft Punk duo have announced their separation, many fans are look at their entire career and the opportunities they will no longer have One of those fans is Q Entertainment producer James Mielke, who took to Twitter to recall how the team almost made a Lumines game with Daft Punk.

Initially presented as “Daft Punk Lumines”, Mielke and Q Entertainment had succeeded in having the project validated by Ubisoft in 2010 By this time, Daft Punk was already a household name in electronic music circles – and would become even better known with the Tron Legacy soundtrack and the Random Access Memories album.

Mielke previously spoke about the genius of the project in a blog post on Gamasutra in 2012, describing how this quest to reboot the Lumines license (originally a PSP title) l ‘got in touch with Daft Punk

“What I wanted to do was put the player in the cockpit of Daft Punk’s pyramid-shaped DJ Booth, and – as Daft Punk – get the audience moving by stringing together some big combos. in Lumines, »writes Mielke “Everything that was in the game would have been Daft Punkified, from the interface to the music, to the bassy sound of the 2007 live album Alive, to the special effects, real-time lighting, 3D audience, etc. Â »

Although having previously met Q Entertainment Creative Director Tetsuya Mizuguchi (and being a fan of his work on Rez), several issues prevented Daft Punk from getting into the project. According to Mielke, the DJs didn’t want to use old tracks, had just finished production on Tron Legacy and were starting their work on Random Access Memories between Star Wars and Adidas collaborations. Which forced Q Entertainment to move away in a different direction which ultimately became Lumines Electronic Symphony

“[Daft Punk] were big fans of Rez, so they agreed to talk to us right away,” Mielkes told IGN “Ubisoft has been very active in engaging them as well, and the conversation was definitely friendly. Daft Arts manager Paul informed us that despite being huge fans of Mizuguchi’s work, they didn’t just want to take a nostalgic trip. Of course, if they had wanted to, it could very well have been done then. Â »

“Having met Mizuguchi-san, they were very open to a collaboration if the timing was right and the concept exceeded their expectations. Unfortunately, Q Entertainment didn’t live long enough to see this happen. I’m already happy to have been able to talk to them about a collaboration, that said, even if it was through an intermediary I could enjoy it back then and even more now When you’re in demand as much as Daft Punk, why do anything when you can do the most amazing things yourself? If I had known that then I would have designed something even crazier  »

“I hope they will reunite someday I imagine how cool the video teaser for that would be But given their low level of compromise during their careers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them disappear like the old rave band The KLF at the time. Â »

For Mielke, Daft Punk’s impact on music and culture goes far beyond creating memorable tracks

“Maybe they’ve used up their domain and decided it’s no longer interesting,” says Mielke “Deadmau5, Marshmello, even Squarepusher all have their helmets in our time When everyone’s doing what you’ve been doing for decades, maybe it’s not so cool anymore, and more than anything else, Daft Punk has always been cool  »

Lumines Electronic Symphony has become an excellent game all the same And the Daft Punks haven’t missed the wave of musical video games either, showing up with 11 original mixes on DJ Hero’s 2009 catalog.

Erwan Lafleuriel is Editor-in-Chief of IGN France A slave to the video game for 40 years, he only escapes occasionally to mourn his defeats on Twitter

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News – EN – Daft Punk wanted to work on a Lumines musical game, but Tron was Priority ©
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