News – EN – Damian Lillard’s rant after the appointment of Wolves’ new coach


Damian Lillard doesn’t understand why assistant David Vanterpool didn’t get the job after Ryan Saunders fired at Wolves

Most often, when a franchise leaves its coach during the season, it leaves one of the assistants to act until the next offseason. History that he can show what he is capable of in order to take more time to gauge it, on the one hand, but also above all to conduct research There Wolves took another route after sacking Ryan Saunders And it annoyed Damian Lillard

Even though he’s not concerned with the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Portland Trail Blazers All-Star point guard doesn’t understand why David Vanterpool went through the franchise here. In Oregon and now in Minny, did not inherit the job Executives preferred to hire Chris Finch, who lands from the Toronto Raptors

“How do you manage not even to hire David Vanterpool when he’s right there on the bench” when he was part of a franchise and of a successful staff for seven years playing a key role in the development of a dominant backcourt »

His colleague CJ McCollum, the other member of the backcourt in question, shared Damian Lillard’s opinion It may seem trivial, and it will no doubt be quickly forgotten, but it remains a stance on the part of the Wolves which can tarnish their image with the playersâ ?? ¦

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News – EN – The rant of Damian Lillard after the appointment of the new Wolves coach
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