News – EN – Dell Curry on his son Steph: “I’ve never seen a guy be defended like this”


A question has come up a lot lately about Stephen Curry: is he currently at his best in his career? He makes a huge first third of a season to carry the Warriors and has signed his two best career performances Steve Kerr is convinced, he seems to think so too, and The Athletic asked his father Dell Curry

“He plays as well as he ever did I don’t know if we can tell he’s at his best He plays at least as well as I have never seen him play Everyone compares the stats with his season when he was unanimously MVP The stats are the same But I think the defenses he faces make him even better”Dell Curry

And yet the defense has arguably never been so focused on him with the absence of Klay Thompson (and the departure of Kevin Durant) Dell says he’s never seen such a defense against a player in particular

“No Never Box-and-1s in the NBA? Almost every night? There is so much attention on him Whether tonight a real Box-and-1 or not, it looks like it I never saw that I know the rules are different Everything changed In my day Michael Jordan was the hardest player to defend, but we weren’t even talking about box-and-1 I had never seen a guy be defended like this”Dell Curry

At almost 33 years old and after an almost blank season, the playmaker is in impressive form, also arguably never as good physically as he is now As a result, he still sees himself at the highest level for a few years His father Dell played him until he was 38 It was with the Raptors and he was playing 16 minutes a game

“My body has aged well I was telling someone the other day that I didn’t really feel much of a physical difference until I turned 35 Well, I didn’t have Steph’s playing time, I didn’t make it to the finals 5 years in a row But they prepare differently now But there was no effect on my body until I was 36, 37 I had a few small wounds that took longer to heal Back pain, that sort of thing Instead of it taking 3 or 4 days, it took a week There is one thing we have in common is that I could continue to be productive because I could shoot He can always shoot, it won’t go away”Dell Curry

And the Warriors of course have a very high level Steph Curry for a few more years, although his role could evolve as Steve Kerr explained, maybe more without the ball

“Why wouldn’t they consider building around him for a few more years? When you got a nigga play like that the way they play with him There is this notion of gravity I would like to play with him You see the shots his teammates get and how easy he makes the game I know he would like to end his career at Golden State”Dell Curry

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News – EN – Dell Curry on his son Steph: “I had never seen a guy be defended like that”
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