News – EN – Energy performance (DPE): the criterion that will change everything


We risk seeing a very substantial increase in the vacancy of rental housing, the sale of these housing as a precaution, resulting in a consequent drop in the value of real estate

According to the official definition of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, “the energy performance diagnosis (DPE) provides information on the energy performance of a home or a building, by evaluating its energy consumption and its impact in terms of of greenhouse gas emissions It is part of the energy policy defined at European level in order to reduce the energy consumption of buildings and limit greenhouse gas emissions”

But further on, we read: “Reading the DPE is made easier by two labels with 7 classes from A to G (A corresponding to the best performance, G to the worst): the energy label to know the consumption primary energy “

In decree 2006-1147 of September 14, 2006, it was specified in article R 134-2: “The energy performance diagnosis includes: […] b) the indication, for each category of equipment, the quantity of energy consumed or estimated using a conventional calculation method as well as an evaluation of the annual expenditure resulting from this consumption ”

But we see appear in the decree of September 15, 2006, amended by the decree of February 8, 2012, in article 3b

“3 b The annual quantities of final energy mentioned in 3 at of III of this article expressed in kilowatt-hours; the conversion factors into kilowatt-hours of the energy readings are defined in appendix 31;

3 vs By type of energy, the annual quantities of primary energy resulting from the quantities mentioned in 3 b calculated according to the provisions of Annex 32;

The factors for converting final energy (expressed in PCI) into primary energy are as follows:

This apartment, whose only energy used was electric, was occupied by a 97-year-old tenant, who heated to 22 ° As can be seen, depending on its actual final consumption, this dwelling should have been classified in C But with the application of the primary energy coefficient, this home is now considered to be energy intensive

This apartment is insulated on the ground by an insulating polyester of 10 cm on polyane film, all the exterior walls of 50 cm by 10 cm of glass wool behind BA13 on metal rails, on the ceiling by 30 cm of blown rock wool and all opening with double glazing 4/20/4, heated by electric radiators It is therefore technically impossible to improve the insulation according to current technical resources

Thus, according to what the new regulations provide, this housing would, in 2028 be prohibited from renting on the sole criterion of its use of electrical energy

Why this coefficient of primary energy over electrical energy? Gas, fuel, wood seem unaffected for the moment However, these energies are not exempt from energy consumption to extract, exploit and transport them The government can in one small decree put them on par with electricity on this subject

In fact, we have recently seen initiatives to ban gas heating, the renewal of oil-fired boilers and to oppose the combustion of wood, which supposedly generates fine particles

In view of the previous demonstration, with the application of this primary energy coefficient, we can predict that the majority of homes will be declared energy-intensive

If we take into account that in cases where insulation allows for significant improvements in energy consumption, this insulation comes up against economic and technical considerations

Whether owner-occupier or lessor, the citizen, even assisted by subsidies, does not necessarily have the financial means to devote to substantial investments Especially since the technical realization of the insulation may come up against environmental rules (insulation from the outside in a protected perimeter) or the covering from the inside which requires redoing all the existing electrical and heating circuits

The extreme punishment coming from the property tax, already planned to increase to compensate for the abolition of the housing tax, of which a penalty is envisaged for energy-inefficient housing

We risk seeing a very substantial increase in the vacancy of rental housing, the sale of these housing units as a precaution, leading to a consequent drop in the value of real estate

It remains obvious that saving fossil fuels is essential, but it is to be feared that many will have to resign themselves to putting on additional sweaters and warm socks to be content with a few degrees less in their homes for lack of ” have the means to carry out work which would be unnecessary by the sole application of the only primary word which changes everything and adds nothing!

Armand Paquereau is a retired farmer, author of humor posts on Wikiagrifr and rural coordinationfr and author of “Cultivating the land of Charentes” published in 2010 by Le Croît Vif

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News – EN – Energy performance (DPE): the criterion that will change everything
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