News – EN – EuroMillions: jackpot of 210 million euros, what can we afford with this sum?


Never seen before in the history of the European lottery, after the 202 million euros in play last Friday, the tidy sum of 210 million euros, could be won by the winner (s) who find the right combination of the 5 correct numbers and 2 stars, this Tuesday, February 23 On December 11, a Frenchman pocketed a check for 200 million The man, who had preferred to remain anonymous, then indicated that he wanted to “create his foundation and make donations to hospitals “

Altruistic certainly, but the sum makes it possible to consider many other projects, more prosaic or even selfish… To get a little idea: 210 million euros in one’s pocket would make it possible to acquire more than 123 million tram tickets (1.70 euros per unit) Bordeaux, 106 million Metro tickets, to engulf more than 43 million Big Macs (roughly the population of Algeria or Ukraine) or some 210,000 million chocolatines (for a price of € 1 before potential inflation) Enough to stifle any hint of pain au chocolat and bury any idea of ​​end-of-month minimum wage more than 170,539 times (€ 1,231 net)

The lucky winner could also bask in one of the most beautiful and great castles of the Loire Valley, in Ménars, on the vast property of the late Madame de Pompadour, favorite of Louis XV, for the trifle of € 15,750,000, modest holiday residence of around 10,000m2 with a 42-hectare park with more than 1.5 km of views over the Loire There would therefore remain the possibility of enjoying the rest of the year from a good hundred other exceptional properties all over the world. Where to taste 252,500 kilos of Périgord black truffle (around 800 euros per kilo), washed down with more than 435 bottles of a modest Romanée Conti, vintage 1945, sold for € 482,000

To parade in these regions, why not bet on a Bugatti “The Black Car”, vehicle chosen by Cristiano Ronaldo for € 16,700,000 Matched with a Divo of 5 million euros, a Lamborghini Veneno roadster (3.3 million) or coupé (3 million) or to bet on safety by acquiring 595 units of the Ferrari SF90 Stradable (423,574 €) Or 4,468 gold bars at € 47,000 per kilo

There are still some minor restrictions: you will not be able to fully afford French PSG striker Kylian Mbappé, whose odds are estimated at 225 million euros, nor his counterpart Neymar – the transfer of the FC Barcelona striker to PSG in 2017 had weighed 222 million euros – nor to navigate afloat on the Octopus, one of the largest private yachts in the world, estimated at 235,000,000 euros There remains the possibility of buying more than 569,105 autographs of Chuck Norris (369 euros per unit on the Cameo platform which allows stars to make ends meet)

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News – EN – EuroMillions: jackpot of 210 million euros, what can we afford with this sum?