News – EN – FKA Twigs wants us to stop asking this question of victims of domestic violence


DOMESTIC VIOLENCE – This is a question that FKA Twigs did not like During a television interview Thursday, February 18, the singer spoke about the accusations against her ex-spouse, actor Shia LaBeouf, against whom she filed a complaint in December 2020 for sexual assault, assault and intentionally inflicted emotional distress

“Why didn’t you leave him?” asked Gayle King, CBS reporter and television host. A question that FKA Twigs declined to answer, explaining that it was an inappropriate question that should not be asked, reports USA Today

“I think we should stop asking this question,” says British star “The question should be asked of the abuser: ‘Why are you holding someone hostage by abusing them?’ People think it shouldn’t be so bad or I would be gone But it was rather because it was terrible that I couldn’t leave him”

This last question is particularly violent, as it places the blame and guilt on the victim rather than the perpetrator, as FKA Twigs, real name Tahliah Debrett Barnett, explains. Several factors mean that some women do not leave their violent partner: this can be due to social and economic reasons, but also to psychological manipulation.

“The victims of violent and manipulative men are very often in a situation of control, which makes any departure extremely difficult”, as explained in the magazine Psychologies

It is explained that in addition to the hold, the perpetrator uses a technique of reversal of guilt, thus placing the blame on the victim The British singer went through a similar situation, which she recounts in an interview in the pages of Elle magazine. “One day, I was laughing on the phone on FaceTime with a friend He walked in and started an argument because he said he couldn’t make me laugh like that So I had to hide for a laugh with my friends, ”recalls the“ Cellophane ”performer. She adds, “It’s a miracle I made it out alive”

FKA Twigs isn’t the only one blaming the Hollywood actor Last December, singer Sia told on Twitter that she was attacked by Shia LaBeouf “I was also hurt emotionally by Shia, who is a pathological liar, who got me into an adulterous relationship by pretending to be single. I believe he is very sick and I have compassion for him AND his victims Just know that if you love yourself, you have to protect yourself by staying away, ”she wrote

Shia LaBeouf responded in December to the complaint against her in a statement for the New York Times: “I am not in a position to say how my behavior has affected anyone. I have no excuses for my alcoholism and the assaults, only justifications I hurt myself and the people around me for years I have a history of violence against my loved ones I’m ashamed of this and I apologize to those I hurt I can’t say anything else, ”the actor said.

Singer Fka Twigs is trying to rebuild herself, and wants to use her platform to raise awareness about domestic violence “It’s hard to do this publicly … but I want people to know my story If I can’t help nobody then it makes this experience worse It must have been used for something It’s not just about my healing ”

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News – EN – FKA Twigs wants us to stop asking this question of victims of domestic violence
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