News – EN – Grandesso praises Verratti “He is a mature player, transformed into a real team leader”


Alessandro Grandesso, journalist from Gazzetta dello Sport returned in the newspaper Le Parisien on the qualities and contribution of Marco Verratti in the game of Paris Saint-Germain He sees him as a “real leader” who has grown thicker lately

“Today we see a Verratti at the top He is a mature player, transformed into a real team leader When we are able to produce this kind of service after having just changed jobs, it means that all the elements are there: maturity, balance in private life, the confidence that is yours, but also the one granted to you by giving you a central role in the sports project”

“It’s a kind of virtuous circle At the moment PSG excel thanks to Verratti, but Verratti also stands out because the team is doing well Italy realize that he is no longer the small player of the wealthy PSG, but that he can be considered as a reference element in the selection of Mancini too”

It must be said, there is a PSG with and one without Marco VerrattiAs Grandesso reminds us, it is capable of producing high level performancesHis central role in the team and his natural technical leadership make him a key player for PSGPlus Verratti plays higher, a number 10 position he knows from being trained thereHe plays with so much ease that he compensates in many areasHe is able to recover, very low on the pitch, to orient the game, to buy time by keeping the ball, but he is now able to play higher, to project himself into the penalty area

What Grandesso says about the virtuous circle brought about by Verratti’s contribution is also trueIt is the guarantor of the technique in the middle, it is the cornerstoneBut this Verratti cannot exist without the movements in front of him, the shifts, etc.He needs a great team to best express his qualitiesGrandesso argues that Verratti has become a reference for the Italian selection led by Mancini, but he seems to be this essential player as he brings comfort to his teams Its growing maturity makes it a recognized benchmark, even if its services are not always praised in terms of what it producesHe is of all the Parisian successes and he is the most successful player of the clubHe walks quietly, but he remains a great player

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Marco Verratti, Paris Saint-Germain FVS

News – EN – Grandesso praises Verratti “He’s a mature player, transformed into a real team leader”
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