News – EN – Hang up, it’s a mistake (Arte): this personal drama that pushed Burt Lancaster to become an actor


In Hang up it’s a mistake, Barbara Stanwyck plays a hypochondriac wife Bedridden, she overhears a phone conversation where she understands that her husband wants to murder her It is played by Burt Lancaster, disturbing at will For several decades, the star held the top of the bill with roles of badass Over the years, his palette has widened, allowing him in particular to win the Oscar for best actor in 1960 in Elmer Gantry the charlatan by Richard Brooks or to shoot with Luchino Visconti (The cheetah) or Bernardo Bertolucci (1900)

Yet his acting career started quite late, in 1946, when he was already 32 years old. The reason: before becoming an actor, Burt Lancaster lived another life, that of a top athlete Indeed, already in high school, Burt Lancaster practiced basketball, athletics and gymnastics His strong attraction to acrobatics led him to create a circus act with Nick Cravat, a childhood friend, whom he would later film alongside him in a number of films. The two friends left New York University in 1932 to perform in a circus and then in music halls

Only in 1939, Burt Lancaster was the victim of an accident: a serious injury to his finger prevented him from continuing his athletic career Worse yet, doctors tell him he risks amputation if he does not give up his acrobatic activities Resigned, Burt Lancaster finds himself in Chicago ()

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Sorry, Wrong Number, Burt Lancaster, Arte

News – FR – Hang up, it’s a mistake (Arte): this personal drama that prompted Burt Lancaster to become an actor
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