News – EN – Joe Biden’s dog deemed ugly and too old for a President of the United States!


On the conservative Newsmax channel, a lunar debate took place between two historians about the German Shepherd of the new American president

Many American Presidents have owned a dog With the exception of outgoing President Donald Trump But the current tenant of the White House, Joe Biden, has taken up the tradition by settling there with his two doggies, Champ and Major.Proud and gaga of his two German Shepherds, the President of the United States certainly did not expect the debate that took place on February 20 on the conservative Newsmax channel Indeed, an exchange between two historians took place on the subject of the eldest of his two dogs as reported by TMZ

Host Greg Kelly who had invited two presidential history specialists to his set showed them a shot of Champ The 12-year-old dog was then simply lambasted by the two experts, judged to be both too old, ugly and neglected. Worse, it was concluded that the animal was outright unworthy of a President of the United States! His poor general hygiene and the fact that he was badly brushed would make him “disgusting” to the point of being compared to a “dump” dog. After this shower of demeaning remarks, they declared that poor Champ was no match for his canine predecessors like Victory, Ronald Reagan’s Spaniel or Millie, George Bush’s English Springer.

In short, a lunar debate! The physique of the dog obviously having no impact on its qualities as a pet and even less on the qualities of its master to preside over the country Moreover, the American president is very proud of his two German Shepherds taken in refuge and it is fortunately the most important

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News – EN – Joe Biden’s dog deemed ugly and too old for a President of the United States!