News – EN – Les Deux-Alpes: ski touring seriously injured in avalanche


An avalanche was triggered this Sunday around 2:30 p.m. on a closed piste in Deux-Alpes She carried a 27-year-old cross-country skier Very seriously injured, he was transported to the Grenoble University Hospital

A man is between life and death after an avalanche that broke out this Sunday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. on the Pierres Grosses slope, in Deux-Alpes This runway was closed and not purged at the time of the accident

Two cross-country skiers were in the area The one who was in the lead, 100 meters in front of his companion, was swept away by the flow 90 meters long by 80 meters wide and nearly a meter high in places The unharmed skier immediately notified the emergency services and started looking for his friend with his avalanche transceiver (avalanche victim detector)

When help arrived, he had managed to clear his head, but the young man, 27, was in cardiopulmonary arrest The emergency services managed to restart his heart and transported the victim in serious condition to the waste disposal service of the CHU de Grenoble

Road safety: accidents have not increased since the return to 90 km / hour in Charente

Les Deux Alpes, Avalanche

News – FR – Les Deux-Alpes: a ski touring skier seriously injured in an avalanche
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