News – EN – Loana hospitalized: her relatives give her news


The first huge French reality TV star, Loana, worries her fans again with the announcement of a hospitalization in margin of a shoot in the south of France Celebrity magazine StarMag revealed the star’s management after what it amounts to a drug overdose Invited on the Touche Pas set at Mon Poste on C8, one of the journalists who worked with Loana on a documentary, Guillaume Genton, told the story of February 22

“We are making this documentary with Loana Everything goes well during the shooting days We are in the south of France now You can see it in the pictures, you have the pictures, she is quite cheerful and pleasant to work with In the evening, it’s another story, he specifies Yesterday evening [February 21], Loana was escorted back to her hotel by her driver, because she has a driver available, on this shoot she is not left alone Fortunately at night she is in her room And this morning, Guillaume Garnier who is our editor-in-chief found Loana in a sorry state in his room The room was upside down The bins have been searched “

“She was taken to the emergency room at 9 am, the reporter continues She is at Hyères hospital She was in very serious condition but she can still speak And she will be transferred to a mental hospital Loana doesn’t hide it, she took drugs, cocaine, she quit However, what we saw on the set was that she was always with a bottle of a famous drink [from the Oasis] and we realized that as soon as she drank it she was changing state She would have put in this bottle of GHB [GammaHydroxyButyric acid better known under the term of “liquid ecstasy” or “drug of the date”] () something extremely powerful and dangerous and she would have taken this substance that night This bottle would have been thrown in the trash, which explains why she would have turned over her room, the trash cans and that her room [was found] upside down “

This documentary called Loana, an Up and Down lofteuse was originally scheduled to air Thursday March 11 at 9:15 p.m. on C8 Reprogramming seems inevitable at this point StarMag magazine interviewed several relatives of Loana to get their reactions to the news of this hospitalization: “Let her stop her drugs, eh! I can’t do anything! (…) I have no way of reaching her. ! “said her mother Violette His former companion, Fred Cauvin, said: “I don’t know if this is another accident or yet another attempt to create a buzz. One thing is certain, she has never stopped taking drugs as she has assured on all the TV shows in recent weeksSylvie Ortega, a very close friend of Loana who can be seen constantly in the photos and videos of the star on Instagram, has also given some news in a long series of stories on the social network “Even with a lot of willpower, you cannot be 100% cured of a disease in three months We will give you news of Loana in due course, “she captioned a photo of Loana walking her dog.

Attacked by Internet users for not being with her friend in the hospital, Sylvie Ortega provided a sharp update to her accusers “I have always been with her in the hospital Today, I was unable to go to the hospital with Loana for the good reason that on the Côte d’Azur there is Covid and we are prevented from entering the hospital. () I have news from Loana You won’t get any, that’s for sure Not today, that’s it “

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News – FR – Loana hospitalized: her relatives give her news