News – EN – Mark Cuban denies rumors about Kristaps Porzingis


While the Bleacher Report reported that the Mavericks were making phone calls to gauge Kristaps Porzingis’ rating, and SNYtv added that there was a touch with the Warriors, it was Mark Cuban himself who was quick to deny it To the Dallas Morning News, he explains that his forward is not available

“This is incorrect We absolutely did not discuss him for an exchange That didn’t happen “replied the owner of the Mavs. By the way, Cuban cuts a suit for journalists who spread rumors, including one who quoted “an anonymous West Coast leader” “I think it’s just a way for them to say what they think about Kristaps,” says Cuban about justifying a rumor with “anonymous” comments

After missing the start of the season after his knee surgery, Porzingis turns 205 points and 82 rebounds on average On Monday, he was out of gear against the Grizzlies due to a back problem, and his physical weakness remains his number 1 problem, but also his lack of impact in defense.

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News – EN – Mark Cuban denies rumors about Kristaps Porzingis
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