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February 23, 2021, Jean Coutu

It was a difficult evening for the Gresini family whose state of health of Fausto never ceases to worry Hospitalized since the end of December due to a Covid-19 infection, his medical situation had its ups and downs, until pneumonia broke out It is this one who bedreads the boss of the eponymous Grand Prix stables, forced to be medically assisted for his vital functions That night, the Italian news agency ANSA announced his death Terrible news that his family denied…

Late Monday evening, news of Fausto Gresini’s presumed death spread like wildfire But the son Lorenzo denied these rumors a little later In recent days, reports about Fausto Gresini’s health have become increasingly worrying Since December 27, the 125cc world champion from 1985 to 1987 has been in an artificial coma in intensive care due to a serious infection with Covid-19 Monday evening some well-known Italian media such as sky-sportit gazzettait, the Swiss online portal of Corriere del Ticino and the renowned Italian news agency ANSA have reported the death of the team owner

However, the Gresini Racing team have denied all the rumors Son Lorenzo Gresini intervened and assured: “My father’s condition is very serious He is in very critical condition But there is still hope Daddy’s last hour hasn’t come yet “

It is now reported in Italy that Fausto Gresini apparently suffered from a brain hemorrhage Fingers crossed for Fausto whose Moto2 and Moto3 team presentation took place, while waiting for the one with Aprilia in MotoGP

Despite the news currently circulating, Fausto is still with us, albeit in extremely critical conditions – Nonostante le notizie in circolazione, attualmente Fausto è ancora tra noi, seppur in condizioni critiche

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News – EN – MotoGP: Fausto Gresini announced dead but the family denies – Paddock GP
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