News – EN – Nabilla: the crazy price of its new Hermès Birkin bag


PHOTOS This Sunday, February 14, Thomas Vergara put the dishes in the big for Valentine’s Day The young dad offered not one, but two Hermès bags to Nabilla Benattia, including a very rare

A dream surprise For Valentine’s Day, Thomas Vergara organized a sublime surprise for his darling Nabilla Benattia This Sunday, February 14, the two former reality TV candidates were in Paris, known to be the city of lovers As a first surprise, Thomas Vergara took Nabilla Benattia for a romantic ride in a boat on the Seine By filming herself on Snapchat, the young mother did not stop shouting her joy and showing her happiness, by kissing her darling

Then, the two lovebirds returned to their hotel room, while their 1 year old son was in another room with his granny Nabilla Benattia had as an indication to stay locked in the bathroom, while her darling prepared a giant surprise When she finally got out, the pretty 29-year-old brunette discovered rose petals on the ground, heart-shaped balloons, bouquets of roses and of course a gourmet romantic menu, with her favorite champagne.

In addition to all this organization, Thomas Vergara had also planned two gifts for his darling Nabilla Benattia first received a small shoulder bag, pastel blue, from the house of Hermès. And that’s not all, since a second Hermès bag was waiting for it: a Birkin Cargo in fabric Fashion fans know full well, this Birkin bag released in the year 2020 is almost unobtainable in the world. This precious model is worth around 65000 euros, and Nabilla Benattia had flashed on it after seeing it on Cardi B on her social networks In February 2020, Thomas Vergara had already offered a Birkin from Hermès to Nabilla, in crocodile skin and diamonds, for his 28th birthday

The former reality TV candidate in the middle of a “waking dream” proudly filmed herself with her new bag, navy blue color With tears in her eyes, Nabilla Benattia thanked her darling Thomas, “the best of all husbands, he is straight, exemplary, kind, he is a dad, a husband and an incredible best friend” To end this beautiful day, the young mother found her son Milann and danced with him, under the eyes of her dad.

Of Algerian origin, Nabilla is a former language student in Geneva, where she also obtained the title of “Miss Salon de l’Auto de

Yes apparently the little known brands give a small fortune to those who advertise it on insta or other they live like rich by selling pr brands of the merof! They are right to take advantage of idiots who buy and follow them! Well done!

Where do they get their money from? They don’t talk if it’s just social media returns it’s just mind-blowing

what a beautiful staging worthy of a two-ball comedy (that compensates with the price of the bag)

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News – EN – Nabilla: the crazy price of its new Hermès Birkin bag