News – EN – New emergency landing of a Boeing 777 in Moscow due to an engine


“During cargo flight 4520 Hong Kong-Madrid, a malfunction of the engine control sensor was detected,” said the company in a statement, adding that “the crew decided to make an emergency landing” at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport

“The landing went normally The plane will resume its flight to Madrid after 12:00, “added Rossiya, a subsidiary of Russian state-owned company Aeroflot. Flight-tracking sites confirmed the aircraft was a Boeing 777

Last week, the reactor of a Boeing 777 operated by the American company United Airlines caught fire shortly after takeoff from Denver, in the western United States, and lost its fairing As the plane rushed back to the airport, a shower of debris fell on a residential area in suburban Denver

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More than 120 Boeing 777s equipped with select Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines were stranded around the world after this spectacular incident

The incident is another blow to Boeing, whose reputation had been severely affected by the setbacks of its new medium-haul, the 737 MAX, involved in two close-quarters accidents that killed 346 and banned from flying for nearly two years

The US aviation constable, the FAA, announced on Thursday that it had fined Boeing $ 6.6 million for various security breaches, including $ 5.4 million for failing to implement certain terms of an agreement dating from 2015

The federal agency also accuses Boeing officials of exerting undue pressure on employees performing duties on behalf of the regulator at its plant in South Carolina, including during an inspection of a Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” in February 2020, details a press release Manufacturing defects on this device were discovered in the summer, prompting the manufacturer to delay deliveries

According to the agreement reached in 2015 with the FAA, Boeing “was committed to modifying its internal processes to improve and prioritize compliance with regulatory standards”However the manufacturer, who had already paid a fine of 12 million dollars at the time, “did not achieve some of its objectives”, and “some officials of the company did not give priority to the respect of FAA rules, “says the regulator

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News – EN – New emergency landing of a Boeing 777 in Moscow due to an engine
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