News – EN – Plastics shortage threatens production of Covid-19 tests



An unexpected obstacle is gradually creeping into the strategy of multiplying tests to contain the Covid-19 pandemic: the plastics essential for the conservation, transport and analysis of samples are on the verge of collapsing stock

On January 28, in a press release, Polyvia, the sector’s union, describes an increase in alerts among its members “The shortage of raw materials observed for several weeks in France is confirmed It is even getting worse, leading the European Plastics Converters organization, EuPC (European Plastics Converters) ”

A shortage which would be linked to the multiplication of declarations of cases of force majeure in the petrochemicals, to deliveries of polymers which are down and to the plastics industry threatened with paralysis Polyvia, describes postponements of deliveries, but also purely and simply cancellations of orders, imposed by the suppliers of companies in charge of the production of components intended for the design of these medical materials. A situation that has enough to place processors, including those responsible for manufacturing the parts necessary for the manufacture of tests, in a very complex situation vis-à-vis their customers

A first explanation lies in the rebound in demand on the Asian market, where the health crisis seems to be gradually being brought under control The producers also evoke low stocks, the evolution of the oil price, as well as technical problems on the equipment. These reasons “are insufficient to justify the magnitude of this situation”, answers Polyvia.

Between 2010 and 2015, a previous crisis affected the sector, it gave birth to a forum for dialogue within the “chemicals and materials” strategic committee, to remedy shortages The argument of “force majeure” has also been a subject of controversy within the industry for several years since they allow suppliers to exceed the conditions of commercial contracts.

For the moment, the sector continues to produce without paralysis, but it wishes to draw the attention of its actors to possible severe shortages, in particular of PCR tests

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News – EN – Plastics shortage threatens production of Covid-19 tests
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Plastics shortage threatens production of Covid-19 tests
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