News – EN – Questions pour un champion drops one of its oldest rules


The general culture program of France 3 celebrates the fifth anniversary of the arrival of host Samuel Étienne On this occasion, one of the rules for Questions for a champion will disappear

Whether we watched it in passing at our grandmother’s or are a loyal viewer, who does not know the legendary game “Questions for a champion”? On the air since 1988, this program, which tests the general culture of its participants, is a real pillar of the French audiovisual landscape.

5 years ago, the spectators had already experienced a first upheaval, with the departure of Julien Lepers, historical animator of the game Journalist Samuel Étienne took his place and, since 2016, he has slipped into his role like a fish in water

Questions for a champion follows the same course since its creation
: the candidates face each other in three rounds In each, one of them is eliminated until the “face-to-face” which determines the winner of the day If this course does not change, a fundamental rule will disappear: until then, it was impossible to win more than five times in a row

From now on, candidates will be able to stay and put their title back on the line as long as they win “In the history of the game it’s a small revolution, because it has never happened before This will lead to new adventures, with candidates who will be able to stay longer, “says Samuel Étienne at the microphone of Europe.

Stickers bearing the club’s effigy were printed and pasted on the windows of the city

An opposition politician left the meeting while others did not attend

Most of the cloud is expected to focus on eastern Spain and northern France

This is the second consecutive year that the Berckois sky will not be celebrating

The Pas-de-Calais DDPP warns consumers against scams related to the purchase of used vehicles

About fifty firefighters managed to control the fire so that it did not spread to the sorting center

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News – FR – Questions pour un champion removes one of its oldest rules
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