News – EN – Raiders of the Lost Ark (W9) Injuries, dysentery the crazy shoot of Harrison Ford


The Temple of All Dangers In the spectacular tradition of the James Bond, Spielberg imagines a prologue that has become a model of the genre In 12 minutes, the future director of ET presents his hero, his favorite objects (his whip and his hat), his talents (intuition and courage) And his weaknesses: Professor Jones at the art of cultivating confusion The highlight of this intro (inspired by a Scrooge comic!) Is the huge stone ball that heads for Indy Made of fiberglass and plaster, it weighs no less than 135 kg In his course, the actor stumbles Small injury to the key “Indiana Jones is vulnerable When he hurts himself he shows it And that, it was Harrison Ford who invented it “, confided Spielberg It is this “failed” take that the filmmaker will keep when editing

There is a pilot in the plane After the hidden traps of the Inca temple, Indy, pursued by a tribe of angry Indians, jumps into a river and climbs into the cockpit of a seaplane taking off In his run, the decidedly clumsy Ford kicks one of the flaps of the aircraft The plane crashes behind a Read more on Télé 7 jours

Lost Ball (Netflix) Should we watch the movie with Nicolas Duvauchelle, Alban Lenoir and Ramzy Bedia?

Netflix: the impressive figures of the French film Balle Perdue which is a hit internationally

Saturday February 20 in “The Voice”, Amel Bent was surprised to turn around for an artist she knows well but who did not choose to join her in her team!

Gad Elmaleh’s album in tribute to Claude Nougaro is far from being unanimous within the profession, says La Dépêche du Midi this Sunday, February 21

Sunday February 21, on Instagram, Laura Smet shared a photo of her vacation at Cap Ferret A sexiest selfie where she appears topless, her breasts simply hidden by a scarf A cliché that did not fail to react to her subscribers who compared her to her father, Johnny Hallyday

A great defender of the animal cause, Pamela Anderson loves to cook vegan dishes, for herself and for her husband And for good reason, the actress claims that her diet improves her sex life

On the occasion of the 71st birthday of actress Miou-Miou, Gala invites you to learn more about Jean Teulé, the man who has shared his life for more than twenty years

A political crisis is playing out at the top of the state in Tunisia It pits the head of government on the one hand and the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed on the other The latter refuses the ministerial reshuffle validated by Parliament on January 26 According to him, 11 ministers would be prosecuted for acts of corruption, reports 11 p.m. of Sunday, February 21 Demonstrations across the country “I am ready for dialogue, but I am not ready to dialogue with those who robbed the Tunisian people”, comments Kaïs Saïed The head of government, Hichem Mechichi, therefore dismissed five ministers who had just been appointed. Institutional blockade takes place against a backdrop of popular protests Since last January, demonstrations have been organized across the country to denounce the corruption and violent repression of these movements.

Several months after Jonathann Daval’s conviction for the murder of his wife Alexia, the latter’s parents will have their claim for compensation examined by justice on Monday February 22

In an interview published on February 21 in the columns of the Journal du Dimanche, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem pulled out his claws against a former minister and political opponent

It’s a scandal that would involve the powerful The Epstein case, which reveals the trafficking of prostitution of minors in influential circles, has not yet revealed all its secrets According to TMZ, Ghislaine Maxwell hinted that Donald Trump was involved

This Sunday, February 21 Nabilla was able to fulfill a wish dear to her heart: to see her father again The latter had never met his grandson because of the health situation She shared a photo on Instagram that makes us think it’s now done!

ACCIDENT – The 30-year-old woman was transported to the Saint-Etienne CHU on Saturday in serious condition Her infant is more slightly injured

With the cold, the most famous waterfalls in the world, in Niagara, have partly frozen, to the delight of visitors

This Sunday evening, February 21, M6 will broadcast an episode of Zone Interdite devoted to miracle medical operations One of the topics will also be devoted to Priscilla Dray, a 45-year-old mother who had her hands and feet amputated after a medical error following an abortion.

The craft has landed on the Red Planet and begins to control its various instruments At the same time, he sends, drop by drop, a few pictures that reveal his environment

At least 21 jihadists from the Islamic State (IS) organization perished in massive strikes carried out by Russian air force in various regions of Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday (February 20) and sources near Damascus With our correspondent in Beirut, Paul Khalifeh About thirty Russian fighter-bombers took part in this wave of raids which targeted fighters of the Islamic State group, on a territory of several tens of thousands of square kilometersRussian planes have carried out more than 130 strikes in the past 24 hours in an area straddling the provinces of Aleppo, Hama and Raqqa in northern Syria, as well as in the central desert regions around Homs, and Deir Ezzor to the eastThis wave of raids is one of the most massive since the fall of ISIS’s self-proclaimed caliphate in March 2019 It follows an upsurge in attacks and ambushes by jihadists against the Syrian army and its allies, which in the past two months have lost more than 150 men in this desert stretching from the province of Homs, in the center, to the border with Iraq, to ​​the east► To read also: The Islamic State in the light of history Several thousand jihadists are operational in this vast territory Very mobile, they launch guerrilla attacks and retreat to caches set up in the desert Successive ground-based offensives by troops in Damascus have failed to stop attacks by the Islamic State group, which is reorganizing its ranks in Syria and Iraq

Developed in the 1920s, the keto diet is a hit with celebrities But what is this new diet that involves certain risks?

The decision is in In the aftermath of accusations of homophobia and racism, The Vivi leaves The Voice adventure

More than 2.88 million people have been vaccinated in the country out of a population of nine million

Out of love for Claude Brasseur, Michèle Cambon gave up her life before When she met her future husband, she was not part of the artistic world at all!

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News – EN – Raiders of the Lost Ark (W9) Wounds, dysentery the crazy shoot of Harrison Ford
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