News – EN – Responsible driving in the time of Covid-19


A new barrier gesture is now perhaps to be taken into account, or if one would prefer to ask that the French appropriate: do not travel to geographic areas where the contamination rate is significantly higher than where you come from

It was Christian Estrosi who put him in the public arena by appealing to avoid his department and even more so the city of Nice, of which he is mayor, where the health situation has become explosive One could indeed conceive that in view of the incidence rates of each department – online maps now accessible to all and updated every day – one would make the personal decision in responsibility not to help accelerate the circulation of the virus. Either so as not to bring it back to a department of lesser impact, or, in the other direction, when you are a resident of an affected department so as not to “transport” it elsewhere

It would be a matter of public health, because any measure of constraint in this direction would be difficult to apply in practice between departments, and sometimes from one part of the department to another (thus the coast and the hinterland of Nice) But, in fact, the country’s epidemic situation is extremely heterogeneous

If we retain the departments where the incidence rate (the number of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants) is greater than 250, the critical areas are on the Mediterranean rim, in the North and the Pas-de- Calais, in the Paris region, as well as in Moselle It should be remembered that the national average is now 190, the so-called alert rate being … 50

Even if the health authorities do not provide the localized data of the variants, it is the increasingly sensitive predominance of the English variant deemed to be more contagious that seems to be at the origin of these geographical worsening

In any case, it is true for the Alpes-Maritimes where Christian Estrosi has questioned the influx of holidaymakers at holiday time via, among others, the Nice airport – the second with an international vocation in France after Paris – to explain the contamination record that the city and its surroundings are experiencing today

What calls for “territorialized” measures, the announcement of which, technically, legally and politically complex, was still expected Sunday evening from the prefecture

The fact remains that tourists cannot be the cause of everything; there have been some elsewhere without the epidemiological situation having jumped during the same period The relaxation of barrier gestures is no stranger to this either, the good weather during the school holidays not helping matters; but then again, the footage this weekend of crowded streets in the tourist hub of Paris raises a broader civic responsibility issue.

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News – FR – Driving responsibly in the time of Covid-19
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