News – EN – Result and summary Juventus Turin – Crotone, Italian Championship, 23rd day, Monday 22 February 2021


Faced with a last of the voluntary but limited classification, the Old Lady logically wins thanks to her obvious offensive superiority Ronaldo scored twice and Juve recovered to grab 3rd place 8 points from Inter and 4 from Milan but with one game less

The American can place a header in front of the moving goal and six meters on a corner from the right but he sends the ball a little over the frame

3 minutes of added time announced in this meeting well negotiated by Juventus after its two consecutive defeats in all competitions

Alone at six meters, Simy places an uncrossed header on a cross from the right after the corner but it lacks too much power to surprise the Juventus goalkeeper

The Turin defense held firm on this corner but quickly conceded another, always to the right

Crotone responds quickly and Danilo must intervene narrowly in front of Rivière at the penalty spot and concede the corner to the right

Cristiano Ronaldo obviously rushes forward to hit this interesting free kick but his attempt is too high and the ball goes over the target

The Old Lady who always proceeds by fast attack gets a good axial free kick at 25 meters

Federico Chiesa is replaced by Alessandro Di Pardo Andrea Pirlo launches its young shoots in these last minutes

The Squali are far from abdicating They attack and get a right corner, their very first tonight

Vulic places a cross strike on the left which ends clearly next to Buffon’s cage Crotone only got one of his 12 shots in this open game against Juve’s 8 of 25

Cristiano Ronaldo is flagged for offside! Thrown on the left by Morata on a counter, the Portuguese left a little too quickly for his Spanish partner

Messias and his family do not give up but they always struggle on the offensive plan because of a lack of accuracy shouting in the last gesture

Federico Bernardeschi is flagged for offside! Author of a noticed entry, the player passed by Crotone sets fire in the area of ​​Cordaz before being finally signaled in an offside position

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News – EN – Results and summary Juventus Turin – Crotone, Italian Championship, Matchday 23, Monday 22 February 2021